Looking for some garden tent help please

Hey folks, I’m looking for a little help on some light selections for an indoor garden tent my fiancé is running over the winter this year. Mainly want to grow some lettuces, some herbs, flowers and some succulents. She has a a couple banana trees growing around the room and one currently in the tent and I transplanted a baby banana tree into a radicle bag that I’m also growing in her tent.
We have a vivosun 3’x4’ 2in1 tent, pictured below.

When we ordered the tent, we also ordered 2 vivosun 2’ t5 fixtures and bulbs for the side compartments which are 1’x3’ and have the two shelves.
1 of the 2 didn’t work at all, and the second came with a bad bulb. I returned both and got my money back.
Right now for lights there is a hlg 260 r spec in the 3x3 section and a hlg 65 on the top shelf of the 1x3.

My question is would another hlg 65 be good enough for the other shelf? Should I get an hlg 135 or would that be too big for that small of a space?
Should I be running different lights all together in this space?

Thanks for any and all help

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HLG is a good choice for growing anything.Tag@dbrn32,he’s the light man.