Looking for soil recommendations!

I started out with “Fox Farms Ocean Forest” but don’t want to keep buying those small bags. Anyone know of any good soil that comes in large quantities I can purchase?

Generally, you have a few alternatives to fox farms. The cheapest is organic based soils, like made of real top soils and decomposed materials. This is NOT recommended for indoor use. Then we have what are really considered hydroponic media… coco coir abd peat based strata such as Promix Hp or Sunshine mix. These require nutrients to be added…
The 3rd kind is home made super soil, which is essentially the same as fox farms but made by buying the base and all the ingredients, mixing them on a tarp or wheelbarrow/ cement mixer if ya got one, and letting it cook for 2 months in a garbage bucket. Home made super soils can be pretty expensive when you add up all the ingredients, that said, you can buy them in bulk to save money if you need a lot… it will be cheaper than bagged for sure.
There is another option for some folks, abd thats buying bulk soils from manufacturers. Typically this is delivered to your place in large grain sacs and I mean 3 to 5 cubic yards a piece! Its expensive but probably still cheaper than FF in the bag by a long shot.

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How large of quantity are you looking for? Fox farms is available by the tote if you want it. Roots organics from Aurora is good, also available in large quantities. As is build-a-soil.