Looking for SecretJardin space booster clips 016mm

I bought a SecretJardin grow tent and have been looking for space booster clips without any luck.
The clip is a space booster 016mm. They are popular in Europe, but i cannot find them anywhere in U.S
Any tips would be appreciated. The below below link shows the image/type of clip i am looking for. Thanks.

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Maybe @CoyoteCody knows how to make somethin’ like that?

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Can you get a screen shot or something of one? The link was removed.

If u post the pic make sure there is now web sites on the pics ect. Just the pic of the part. I’m sure Cody will be able to make one

I probably need some of these printed


Or maybe need is a strong word
Letting my geek flag fly

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There is a list of sellers on the Secretjardin website.

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I already make something similar but I really like that design, time to hit the computer.


I know and i search in US. They just dont carry this 016mm space booster. It is available in Europe, just not the US.

Yes that one.