Looking for SCROG screen ideas

I’m wanting to do the SCROG method of LST and was wondering if anyone had a specific netting that they recommend for 20-gallon pots and 5-gallon buckets? Or is there a large screen that you use?

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This is an easy way to make your SCROG. PVC pipes and garden string. These have 2 layers. There are a lot of growers that can explain better than me. I used the stretchy kind for 1 grow and gave them to the trash can man.


Same as senior @beachglass I make my own with pvc and mold resistant garden twine


This is what I use for 4 7-gallons pots in a 4x4 tent…but it would cover at least 5x5 or maybe 6x6 the they way they ship it. Works for me.

It works for me…tent with one plant already harvested (this grow had 5 5-gallon potted plants


Beautiful plants.

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Have any of you thought about starting a business making those? I think you’d be surprised at how many of us would rather buy something that’s pre-cut and only needs to be glued together than actually make our own.

I suppose it depends on the area, but this is what I do. I mostly use this method to train the plant out. Wood and weed eater line or mason line. Fill the net, flip, add secondary net and a lot of defoliation.


Dude that’s badazz!!


I’ve used a few different kinds. The cheapest ones are made with plastic netting, the better ones are made of string netting like a basket ball net. I prefered the string type.

My next run I’m thinking of using two nets and may try dog fence wire on the bottom

No because it would still need to be put together. Might as well just DIY.

Putting a package of pre-cut parts together is a lot less time consuming than having to measure, cut, glue, attach string, etc…

If no one else is doing it and there’s a LARGE market for it, I’ll probably do it. I’d buy one right now if I could.

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I did buy mine somewhere online…I like the design since it slides up and down the tent poles and uses them as the legs. Not sure where…either from Bud Box or Black Dog Led.

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Before I assembled my tent I installed a PVC frame.

A couple of wheeled frames. I string them with mason line. The nice thing about mason line is you can cut it and toss it.

A couple weeks earlier

I am going to try this one out in my 3x3


A modified 4x4 AC Infinity elastic net on a pvc frame that moves up and down.


Wow that is great work! I would not want to have to defol that lol


Thanks, it was a PITA, luckily the wife has small hands. :call_me_hand:t3:

Lol. I need to get mine to help more other than just reaping the benefits.
Im seriously thinking about building one like that for my 4x4

@Khaos850 neither do i. Its crazy, and i had some mag issues i hope i got straightened out, and a ton of ugly leaves right now which i hate but dont want to ravage my canopy or my back cleaning them up yet lol

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Looking good.

Happy growing