Looking for sage advice


Plants looked good until about 1 week ago. Buds are not fat, some hairs are well into amber.
Gold leaf strain
Grown in FF Happy Frog using FF trio of nutes
Platinum P450 LED grow light
Constant air circulation with carbon filter
Originally used distilled water until 2 weeks ago. Suspected Ca deficiency so I treated for that and switched to de-chlorinated tap water.
5 1/2 weeks into flower cycle 12/12
PH 6.8
Buds appear to be tall but not fat, would like to see them much fatter but some hairs are well into Amber.
Raised lights as I think the plant directly under it may have some light burn.
Suggestions, help appreciated. Thanks.


Are your trichomes amber? Don’t go by the color of the hairs my gold leaf grew skinny then the last 3 weeks just blew up in size. A table spoon of Epson salt to a gallon of water and then ph it to what ever medium you use will help and I’m guessing by now your soil gets dry every day mine drank a ton of water.


Thanks for your reply,

Yes, they are taking a lot more water. Trichomes are still clear. I had not intended to harvest for at least 3 more weeks. I’m hoping the buds get fat between now and then. This being my first grow, I feel like I’m stumbling around even though I’ve read as much I could. I’ve never seen plants other than in photos, so I’m not clear if what I’m seeing on my plants is normal, end of life cycle stuff, or something else.

I keep a daily watch on the plants, ph is in correct range according to what I’ve read. Temp varies from 68-73 degrees F.


Your doing good wait till the trichomes get a splash of gold before you harvest


I hope im wrong, but It looks like you have a serious bug infestation going on. Look at all those lil black and lil white speck marks on the leafs, thats bug poop and eggs. Check throughouly under leaves and on stalks for any bugs. Im hoping they are not the bugs i had, they completely ruined a whole crop for me.


A little too much nutes and/or…PH is off.

Gotta figure you got them this far ok, so what’s changed?


@Dr.DankThumb420 might be right… if you only post one pic at a time , we can further investigate the pic … you may have russet broad mites… no joke… if you don’t see any webbing , then this is what you might be dealing with… this mite only attacks MJ , go figure… :thinking: fkn government…
In the emerald triangle they sprayed these lil fu*!era all over the place for some bs reason and now they are from cali to NYC… you tell me… f$#ken bs… they know what they’re doing…
You need to clean everything from top to bottom… if you have what I think you have… spray , chop , and clean everything from top to bottom and let sit for 2 months in extreme heat… and then spray the area with the nastiest stuff you can find and let sit for 2 more weeks and then inspect everything with a scope… no joke… :wink:
That is the reason your buds look so undeveloped , but mature …
They are the size of a tricom tip… super small…


Ive had them before. They suck. Will decimate your whole crop in no time. Nothing is left salvageable, buds nasty. @peachfuzz


They are on the plants everywhere in my neighborhood.


Yikes… I might become an arsonist… at that point… I live in the middle of nowhere… so when things get fishy, it’s easy to figure out where it might have come from… outside temps right now are 115 to 120 deg …not to many critters can handle it… so there looking for just the right home as they travel… and it’s just the right environment for my girls also…:wink:
If your clones won’t take… there’s a good chance that its either broad russet mites or spider mites… either way … your screwed…


In my reading, I don’t recall being warned about mites being so common. It seems that I should have been taking steps to control mites all along. I’m guessing this is what seasoned growers do. I haven’t seen any mites, but certainly there is damage and I’ve read that most people never see them. A harsh lesson if this takes out my crop.