Looking for right strain

Hi all, I’m looking for a low odour to grow in uk - and I’m a fan of the blueberry. Any ideas any help would be most grateful? Could possibly grow outside! MH

Hey @MountainHigh , Welcome to the forum.
I grow northern lights because of the low odor. I have two large plants in my tent with no filters running and cant smell it beyond the grow room. With some filtration it would probably be undetectable.
Each plant can be different tho and some might smell stronger than others.


I know what you mean I have 2 and 1 is stinking the house out!! :joy:

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Thank you Spiney

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@MountainHigh blueberry is not a good choice for stealth unless you going scrog it with a trellis net , they will continue to stretch un flower until harvest , at least an inch and half or more if outdoors in the sun , it’s a sativa dominant and even the autos can go to the Sun , Amnesia Haze is another one , if you lucky some can grow very short and compact , but I have not quite seen a blueberry shorter than 5 foot yet in 20 years , maybe one but I don’t think it was blueberry but I can not say , cause I did not grow that specific one , but the 5 autos I did grow , every single one stretch bigger than my 2x2x5 tent I had at the time , and they were supposedly to be autos flowers that’s gets about 3 ft indoors , I learn that to not be true the hard way , great bud , super denied, heavy fat colas , I had colas big as a spray can dude , but I had to cut the top one early due to light burn cause they all stretch into the lights all 5 plants uhhhh it was a mess but I got em did done D.u.N. done!