Looking for recommendations

I am building a 3x4x5 cabinet very soon, am I looking to do some kind of SOG method with hydroponics. I would like it to be a DIY system but I have no clue what would be my best bet. Keep in mind the low height.



I believe @bryan setup is very well setup for a light sog. I dont know the specifics. But he has 5/6 ‘buckets’ for smaller plants on the same top of 1 rez. Maybe 3 setups like that n a shortend veg?

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If ya build it 3 x 5 instead, it holds 2 of my rdwc builds, You can make a free-standing net with pvc. You never have to open the res, all additions and adjustments are done in the chiller bucket


Guess ill be youtube rdwc… those plants are BEASTS

Enlighten me on that setup, could prob do it 3x5 for sure.


Sorry but as always the pics don’t load


3x4 and 5 feet tall? For sure 36" wide though?

I’d throw a 3x3 low-rise flood table in there and run a bunch of 1 gallon pots with hydroton. Run single cola plants (probably from clones) in a SOG.

This is exactly what I’m about to get underway doing in one of my 4x4 tents. :wink:

It’s a super simply hydro solution with a single large reservoir to manage.

Height will be the main concern. You’ll have room under the table for atmospheric help but fans and filters will need to be outside the space I think. You could use a 2x2 tray for some lateral space.


Yes 36x48 IN with 58" height with probably 400w of EB strips for light.


Perfect - I was going to say you’d probably want to use LED strips due to height restrictions.

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So a 3x3 tray sitting on a low table with bunch of clones? How does a system like that work?

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I will go find a diagram but let me explain it first.

So you have a tray that can hold water sitting on a table. Below the table you have a big tote or whatever that is your “reservoir.”

Inside the reservoir you put a pump. The pump has a hose that goes up to the tray. The tray also has a drain fitting with an overflow valve with a slightly large hose that goes back down into the reservoir.

You layer the bottom of the tray with something (I am using river rock) so the pots are sitting right on the tray itself… I am going to try and use 1 gallon cloth pots filled with hydroton, but people use all sorts of things as pots.

Each pot for me will hold a single rooted clone and go immediately into flower once they are rooted.

And then you put the pump on a timer so you flood and drain the table. Depending on how long it takes to flood the table and then drain it, you adjust the timer to where you want it… say to run for 30 minutes, then be off for an hour, then repeat, or whatever.

I have a separate enclosure I made from an old dog crate that I am using to root clones, and my plan is to introduce five rooted clones at a time, generally with around the same flowering time, so I will eventually be harvest 5 plants every week or so and putting 5 more in.

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3x3 trays can be found for $50-100 new. You can either buy or make a table - I just made one out of 2x4s. I purchased a Sterilite 40ga rolling tote at the local Walmart for the reservoir. I got the pump and fill/drain fittings off Amazon.

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I will look into this! Seems fun!


Not a lot of (if any) flood and drain / ebb and flow grows here at ILGM. If you hit up rollitup you can find a few there.