Looking for recommendations on my first photo

She’s a strawberry kush, being fed ff nutrients, sitting in coco peat (soil) and entering week 4 of veg.
I’ve been doing some lst training and topping but am concerned that I let the main stalk get too big and dominant. I’m considering cutting it down to spread the dominance

move evenly to the other bud sites. What would you do? Thank you for your input!
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I either cut the top of the taller ones this slows it’s growth and adds another budsite or supercrop it this pretty much just slows it down but as it heals the wound you cause doing the supercrop will increase the plants ability to provide nutrients to that cola which should increase the size of it… either way helps you even out the canopy and increase your yield


You’re further along in the indoor grow than I am to be honest. But what @MeEasy said is what crossed my mind. You can bend that main stalk, not snap, and supercrop. Roll the bend a little in your fingers to soften all the inside fibers so you don’t break the outside part. Or you could top it.

I’m not telling you to do these suggestions!! Watch a couple YouTube vids. @Pet_de_Chien has a great thread on training. @Underthestairs is pretty knowledgeable on the subject. I’m really eager to, but just haven’t had the hands on experience with it yet.


@MeEasy gave you some damn good advice! Rather than clog your thread with a bunch of options, which only tends to confuse folks. I suggest following that advice, both those options he offered are simple and effective and what you learn you can progress to a future grow.
@Borderryan gave ya some good tips too, on supercrop @MeEasy alluded to, if you go that route… check this out: Cannabis Super-Cropping: Kyle Kushman's "Chiropractic" Plant Training Method / Green Flower - YouTube

We all learned to ride the bike well before jumping our first ramp.


Heavy hitting advice :point_up_2:

Chiropractic stem snapping can help. Grab a branch that’s taking off too fast pinch about an inch apart and give it a good twist. You should hear it crack a little… go from the bottom up every 3 inches or so.

Don’t break her open, just a twist crack. While she heals that branch or stalk it’ll slow down and let the others catch up.


How much space do you have available for her?
I see some staples on the lower branches, did you remove any branches, or are they all there?
How many colas to you want?


Available space is 3x3x6 all for her. I have not removed any branches just trimmed today. Here are pictures after. As many colas as possible!



She cleaned up nicely.

If you have the space and time, that can be a boat load.
Let a growth point grow out three nodes, top it after the 3rd and remove the two interior nodes, and do it again. You need some sort of frame or support to tie the new branches to to keep it flat

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Thanks everyone! @Pet_de_Chien thanks for the link. I watched all 35 minutes and used his techniques when trimming her. I might have gone overboard but she looks great today so I appreciate all of your input.

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