Looking for ph and ppm meters

Just wondering if anyone had some suggestions? Are the ph meters you put directly in the soil any good? Also trying to find each one for a good price. Help please.

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I like the Oakton and Bluelab meter’s, I don’t use soil. sorry

They are not reliable.
I recently upgraded both pens. Now use Apera PH20 and Bluelab conductivity pen for ppm
Had used Dr Meter ph-100. Only complaint was speed. It was slow, much slower then the Apera.
Upgraded from HoneForest ppm pen. Drawback is it can not be calibrated.

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I use the Aperia ph20, very happy. Good product and great cus.service.

Thanks guys

Bluelab here for both ph and tds.

Apera 20 for PH, HM COM 100 for PPM.

Okay, I cant afford those expensive brands… lol. Was wondering if anyone has heard of or tried the vivosun brand ph and TDs meters? Cheap, so I’m curious as to the quality…