Looking for opinions please 2-3 weeks till harvest


Just looking for some opinions on flushing before harvest. Let me start with what I am thinking of doing. So far the plan is to use sledgehammer from fox farm and then flush with ph water till my ppm decrease say below or near 1000ppm (my well water is about 500ppm) let dryout and then next watering water with product called recharge. Then after that just water with ph water till they are done. I thinking about 2-3 weeks to go.

I have the opportunity to do this today or even tomorrow possibly. It takes sometime to do all the plants.


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Even if you have not used either product I would still like to know everyones opinions

The plants are looking good so the other hand do I just do nothing and just keep watering pH till the end.


I know @garrigan65 you had pointed me to a tea that you use and still considering but I have the recharge so wanted to try it out. Last time I used it my pH got kind of out of whack but looking back I think it was my meter.

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i use recharge,it works well! it will let plant suck up all the nutrients in medium until gone!


So it sounds like I could water with recharge today and then just use pH water till the end and skip the flush?


yea,i like that idea! let us let others chime in as well.


Me too. I will do a flush if I have to but it is kind of a pain in the bum for 5 plants would rather skip it if I could.


i think you will be fine without flush…two weeks of water will do that


Flushing is always good at the end imo. Nature’s universal solvent is the best job for it. I’m still learning teas. So i’ll take the back seat and watch though.

I’m a fan of FF products but have not used Sledgehammer. If I know I’m going to harvest 2-3 weeks out just ph’d water to the end is always been my plan. If you are going to feed do it sooner than later. I like a good 2-3 weeks of straight ph’d water at the end. I’ve never have experiences any taste issues at harvest.


I have used the sledgehammer only couple times and it brings down the ppm for sure. I just wonder if it is breaking down salts what less could it be getting rid of.


I use FloraKleen myself but the same thing applies. My opinion is that using the Sledgehammer won’t hurt; you have it already and it is designed for the purpose. Recharge after and then water ph’d only until harvest. I’ll be doing exactly that without the recharge myself.


I agree with @Myfriendis410 I think you’re headed the right direction. Flush then recharge. You could also do just water. I tend to only flush if there’s a ph issue. Just my opinion. I try not to drown them more than I do already by accident!


@Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 @BIGE @DoomSack thanks! I am going to do a flush with 2 of the plants. Then ad the recharge and then just plain ph water till harvest. I had to water one plant today so I watered it with just recharge. I also watered another with just recharge to see what happens. The last plant will get straight ph water till the end.

2 plants flush then recharge then well water
2 plants recharge then well water
1 plant plain well water

So what do you think :thinking: ? I guess I got it covered. Still would like to hear opinions if anyone cares to discuss. Thanks again!


It will be an interesting experiment to find out what method works best. Please keep some notes on the results


Yes it will be. Hopefully I am not starting to early. Was just reading that it should wait till most of hairs are brown and trichomes are milky. I will look more closely tomorrow.


I would pH till the end and then skip the flash personally I hate using all that water when you can just water till the end and cut out 15 + gallons to flush it



I was going to post the very same thing. I just water for for the last two weeks and i’m all set .


The Sledghammer stuff works well. depending on your pot size 1 to 2 gals is all that is needed to flush usually. I can see where you wouldn’t want to if your using plain water to flush. 3 gals of water for every gal of pot size is crazy.


I’m curious, does anyone know what Robert Bergman does for flushing his Gold Leaf strain. Mine are indoors and I’m getting close to that point where I’ll need to decide how I want to flush.


personally,i give ph’ed water for up to two weeks before harvest.
this gives the plant time to eat all remaining nutrients you have given them,and ample enough ‘‘flush’’ so buds will not have foul taste.
just my opinion,great looking buds!