Looking for opinions on yield from novice growers. Not sure what to expect

Not sure what type of yield I’m looking at but, growing in a 4x4 space does anybody have an idea by looking at these pics? There’s gelato, cherry pie, and LSD. I’m not quite sure what to expect so any help would be great.


This is the start of week 6 flower so all but LSD are almost ready

Key to a good yield all comes down to the light. If you do not have the proper wattage (from the wall) of EFFICIENT lighting there is no amount of skill that will help your yield. Genetics and plant numbers cannot make up for light.


Thanks man! Got a 1000w hortilux


Looks like 7-448 grams…

You can not go by breeders estimates. You still have weeks to go. Maybe a month

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2-4oz/ plant is easily attainable.

Each pic is a different plant. I was just looking for general yield numbers from novice growers with plants this size

Mind you they still have 2-3 weeks left to go

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With this you should be over 1lb maybe even get to 2lbs. Just be patient and don’t burn your plants. Need to keep a good distance for the light (24”)

Thanks wicked! Yeah they are a good 3ft at least from the light

Yay another horilux fan

I got 25.5 oz off my 4x4 grow with a 600w hps and 2 450w leds around 1000w total so I’m guessing around the same as mine 1.5 to 2 lbs u in coco or soil or hydro?

I’m sticking to the basics by using soil. it’s my third grow, first one was a flop, second one I did such a quick turn around because of the first that I didn’t get jack shit for weight, and now that I have a little more experience and plants that look like they’re going to go the distance I was trying to be prepared for a decent yield. I appreciate the insight, thank you.


Woohoo you should be swimming in the buds great 3erd grow

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If you let them fatten up you should clear
3lb wet weight

My journal 6 strains of fun i posted what i got was 128oz wet weight average of 540 grams a plant


On a full 4x4 with 1000 watt hps 500 grams dry would be a solid run. Plenty of people grow lots more, and lots fall short of that too. But that’s a pretty good run, especially for a beginner.


Looking good. Most ive pulled (so far )on a 4x4plants looking similar was 14oz dry. Wet weight means nothing. But im learning and i did not have 1000w hps either so like dburn32 said i say a# maybe more. But better to underestimate.

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Thank you all for your insight! Much appreciated. 1 more question. Does anybody know about cherry pie strain? I’m in week 7 flower, it seems ready to pick but I don’t want to jump the gun on it. It has a mix of cloudy, clear and Amber trichs. I’ve seen some say it’s a 7-8 week strain, and some that say 8-9 weeks so, I’m a little perplexed.