Looking for opinions on bud/pk boosters everyone uses?

Hi all looking for a opinions/ recommendations on what are the best boosters to use as im not quite happy with the house and garden top booster i use, cheers

I use the fox farm beastie blooms, open sesame, an cha ching, with silica blast. works great for me

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What are u currently using. I use jacks 321 with some AN additives. Tribus and recharge with canna coco medium. And love every bit of it.

@Mark0427 im using house and garden top booster

Never heard of it. Is it cannabis friendly nutes?? If not id think about a new nute line asap

@Mark0427 thats the stuff there what i have used last 2 grows House & Garden Top Booster [1L] | Aqua Gardening

@Mark0427 and for my normal nutes in flower are dutch fest bloom a and b and bio diesel Dutch fest Bloom 2ltr=2x1L set Bio Diesel Guano Bloom Enhancer [1L] | Aqua Gardening

Using Jack’s 321 using Blossom Booster 10-30-20 first couple of weeks of flip. Also adding Silica.
Will be adding Adv Nutrients Nirvana 0-0-1 when done with Booster

@beardless i do jacks tribus bud ignitor big bud bud candy recharge great white. Jacks bloom then i have flower fuel dry kool bloom liquid kool bloom floraliscious plus calmag bio root humic acid kelp extract siloca with tribus came a bottle of lumina which i tried out a bit its amino acids for plants. I jave a bunch of shish around here. Gh nutes i jave a gallon of each of the trio parts i dont even use. Fgonna use on roses and flowers outside and the garden tomatoes peppers ect.

@beardless @Mark0427 what brand of silica is your go to guys ?

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I use armor si or cyco silica armor si is gh brand

@Mark0427 ok cheers man ive been doing some research on silica and now i know ill be needing it haha, do you use it for the whole flower period with your normal nutes?

Top booster. Is that the one you use for only 1 week as prelude to bud xl? Had no dramas. Bud xl then either shooting powder or top shooter. House and garden made for pot across road from canna by rogue nute scientists who had shits with canna. Now moved to humbolt county green triangle in US. Would have go at jacks but can’t get it in Australia

@Clinto yeah man thats the one use it in week 5 only

You don’t like it?mine grew well. Are you using rest of h and g stuff.?

I dont mind it i think it might of just been my last strain it just wanted to grow super stretchy lol im doing blue dream now its looking like a better grow,
Nah im using dutch fest bloom a and b atm and bio diesel and now going to throw in the cyco silica see how she performs in a few waters, im also using led’s and growing in coco @Clinto

My terps became insanely good after I started using nectar for the gods sample pack my Mexican airline filled the entire room with the smell of pineapple and the crystal candy was like the sweetest lemon drop candy you can imagine (you will need a bacteria booster like fish s$!t because it’s organic )

Nirvana Big Bud and Overdrive. As straight up pk boosters. I use mammoth p and fish sh!t through flower as well. Also have been using fulvex for increased nutrient uptake

If you want big buds the most important thing is establishing a healthy/robust rhizosphere in veg.