Looking for opinions and pointers

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Just looking for insight, very first time. I’m growing in a greenhouse as i’m very close to Lake Superior so it’s always cold. I made the mistake of starting them indoors with a light that was to small I believe. I transplanted them and moved them to the greenhouse and they seem to have recovered and growing strong again. I did notice the two small leaves on the bottom discolored and dried at the ends. I’ve kept an eye on the ph 6.2 and the moisture. I’m sure this will effect the yields, just wondering if these will rebound ok and if there is anything that catch’s the eye.

You have to wait for the pics to load before posting. Wait until there is a check mark and all pics say uploaded. Welcome to ILGM and good luck!

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Trying again, it showed the check mark. Sorry if it didn’t work.

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No worries was just trying to help ya out.

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What’s your opinion on the looks of these? Thanks for any feedback

To get you the best answers you should fill out a support ticket with as much info as possible and then we can get some pros in here to help you out. They look decent to me but I’m no pro at all! Below is a link just copy/paste and fill in your info so the pros can help you out. I will tag @Mrcrabs and @Myfriendis410 they grow big beautiful plants outside and will give you solid advice.

Here is the link.

ILGM Grow Support Ticket

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A couple of things before seeing the Support Ticket (please help us by filling it out): you can put a fan on the plant to strengthen the main stem, you can also push soil up against the stem to support it. Watching the PH and water in is great.

The two bottom leaves are there to provide initial nutrients to the seedling and yellow and die off in two to three weeks. I would suggest if you are in something like Miracle Grow soil (or anything that says “needs no fertilizer for three months” or “moisture control” then you should transplant into something more appropriate for cannabis. (besides the excess harsh fertilizers, the PH is way off which would cause trouble later).

If you want to get someone’s attention just add the @ sign ahead of their name: @MattyBear

And, Welcome!


My friend410 has you covered, soild advise.

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Thanks for the great info guys and gals.

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Looks like your light was too far away and the plant is stretching


I did realize this after seeing other pics of seedlings. I transplanted them and moved them to the greenhouse. And built up the soil around there stems. They seem to be enjoying life at the moment. Thanks

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