Looking for old school strain from 70's Denver

In Denver CO in the late 70’s, I lived 6 blocks from downtown, in an old victorian house and rented a room for $25. a month. Others renting there were hardworking, educated Bohemian types from NY, Texas… A guy would come by the house ever now at night and to sell his weed. It was The best I have ever experienced! It helped me so much to eleviate depression. made me feel very happy. All of us enjoyed this guy’s weed. I wish I could find the strain. Does anyone have any idea what it might have been? Thanks

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That is a hard question to answer unfortunately a lot of the old school stains are becoming lost because so many people are trying to change the strains but skunk and Acapulco gold Thai stick Maui wowie all good old strains if your looking for a good new strain the gold leaf is a champ




When you mention " skunk" …what does it encompass? skunk covers alot of territory at this point, but back then, I wonder what it would be.

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Skunk # 1