Looking for light recommendations

I need to get a new light before mine quits. I do not want led,but i do want Hps/ MH 600 watts. I have I-Power and looking to upgrade under 200.00.

Another one @dbrn32


What’s your budget for a new light @HogStix ?
What size space are you growing in?
Are you trying to expand or continue the same size?
Veg flower or both?

I have the vivosun 600w hps mh lights with cool hood reflector and ballasts i got 3 of them off Craigslist for 250 new they were 180. At the time i love the argosun 2000k red sodium bulbs in there and use the 6500k mh for veg

just looking for a quality light for under 200 bucks. I know what i want is mh/hps 600 w. Just to replace the crappy one i’m using. And to have a backup on hand

Yep here i go again,lol

This will replace your HPS. And then some. It’s all I have. @HogStix


I have upgraded to a 600-watt MH\HPS. My tent is 3x4x6, but I found I needed a cool tube for it. I bought the Ushio Opti red 600 watts, but haven’t seen it in action long enough to give a rating. For your ballast, you usually get two options. Dimmable by percentages, or you can buy on to switch watts. If you want a 400 watt MH, but 600-watt HPS options. I bought the Yescom 600-watt ballast. Said it was energy efficient, so I thought why not try it. I haven’t seen an increase in electric from the 400 watts either. Bulbs you should look at Kelvin spectrum, and go from there. That was the advice given to me. My HID tent is only for flower, so I went with the Ushio 2700k I think it was.

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idk of any good digital ballasts under $200,
Sun System has a couple magnetic ballast for under 200.!

save up and get some great lighting, it is the most important part of your grow.!
try a 135w QB, its under 200 and u can add more when funds become available.!!

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I’m led guy lol.

@HogStix I’m not aware of anything that stands out as better than anything else for $200. If you had more room in your budget there are some small de fixtures, or you could look at cmh.


Yeh you are easily Led

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Just a quick one mate, which quantum setup would you use for a 3x3 grow tent?


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260 xw kit under most circumstances.

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I was just browsing through here and I decided to create an account to respond to this. The best way to go for a 3 by 3 with quantum boards would be to get two QB96 Elite V2 with heatsinks ($99 each) and run them with the HLG-320H-54A ($80). Add $20 for wiring and it’s about $300.

Or you could go a bit cheaper but with better coverage and get four QB132 (no heatsink required) in 3000k-3500k ($109) and run them with the non-dimmable LRS-350-36 ($40). With wiring, that’s about $170.

You could also run those four QB132s with the dimmable HLG-320H-36A wired in parallel or the HLG-320-C2100 in series.

Ideally, in a 3x3 space, the best would be six QB132s on the HLG-320. That way, you would have total coverage, and maximum efficiency by under driving the boards. The problem with this setup is that the boards come in packs of 4. If you had a separate veg space you could use the remaining two boards for that. It’s a little bit pricier up front but it would save on efficiency in the long run.

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