Looking for input on potting soil

I would greatly appreciate some input as to what brand of potting soil to buy.
I was thinking miracle grow or something else in or about the same price range (tight budget, Retired).
I understand that the nitrogen level needs to be higher than the P and K levels. Also the PH should be between 6.0 and 8.0.

Any suggestions

I personally use Foxfarm ocean soil you can start to finish with it works great for me ! @garrigan62 has a great mixture that he uses


If you’re short on funds the Fox Farm soil like I was saying you can do a start to finish with it as long as everything goes right and I used zero nutrients but it’s not recommended but it is possible you will definitely want a pH meter some pH up and down

Doesn’t fox farm ocean have any nutrients in it?

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Yes it does but a lot of the peeps here use it with great success
You can use mg seedling soils to get you started @Bus001if you want too
I myself use organic potting soil no nutes add and mix with perilite about a 70/30 mix soil to perlite
But you need to watch and ad nutes
Also if you want I have a tread called
Soil recipes for MJ
A bunch of ideas are over there with a few good soil recipes :grin::+1:
Happy growing CB :v:️️


One thing that hasn’t been answered is your ph, ph in soil should be 6.8 no matter what soil


Thank you for your input !!!

The PH I understand. I do not think I want to go with NO PH though.

Thanks for your input

I make my own soil and never had t op feed into lol l 5 or 6th BV week of flower
I would water every 3rd day and walk away


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Sorry about that I had your name down first and then changed it second-guessed myself I knew that you had a great soil recipe sorry about that @garrigan62 I have a copy of your recipe but I did not want to put it out there without your permission

You can that’s fine with me. But you do need to know how to mix it in and how much of each ingredient

@garrigan62 is this right ?


" Dr. Earth " has very good soil also

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