Looking for input on my setup plan

Ok so this is my first time growing on my own and have spent over 10 months researching , comparing, and analyzing options. I dont want throw and grow weed. I want heavy big colas, that are rich with trichomes and high in potency.
I will be growing 4 autoflower feminized plants and looking get the above results along with the highest possible yield. Would be happy with 1lb from the 4 plants. Here is the area I’m working with, the issues I will have to counter and such.

Grow Area: Basement
Room sectioned off is 7’ x 7’ x 79"
Two of the walls are concrete while the other 2 are 2x4 constructed with panel covering them.
I can grow up to 12 plants at a time.

Budget: $2,500-$4000

Equipment/Setup I was thinking:

Tent: Apollo Horticulture 77"×77"×77"
(Using tent to try to help making humidity and temperature control easier since it’s in a basement in MI) Also for organizational and easier cleaning.

Lights: Mars Hydro TSL 2000W LED x 2

Soil: Kind soil to negate feeding and nutrient errors since they are autoflowering seemed like a perfect fit to me.

Planters: 10gal vivosun planter bags

Then also plan to have a water pH meter and a soil one as well.

For airflow I will use a small fan to circulate the air

I know when I do 12 plants ventilation and exhaust will become a must , but wasnt planning on to much concern with it on 4 plants, does that seem logical?

I will also he running a digital thermometer and humidity meter within the tent. All water going in will be pH balanced.

Does this seem like a sufficient cost effective setup to produce the amount and quality of bud I am seeking?

Any other suggestions for improvement?

I will sacrifice quantity before quality!!

Seeds claim to be 7 weeks from seed to harvest so very little room for error without majorly reducing quality and yield.


First Welcome to ILGM FORUM. There is a vast wealth of knowledge here. I’m a newbie so I can’t help you to much. I’m on my 3rd grow and learning a lot just reading as much as possible. As far as lights goes, I do know that is the most important investment you’ll make if you want to grow big dense buds. There’s a light guru here that can give you a idea if the lights you have chosen will be able to achieve want you’re looking to achieve. I’ll tag him for you so he can take a look at your setup and give you some ideas on lighting. @dbrn32 is the man to help. He has helped me more than once. Also l believe that @KeystoneCops uses the light you have chosen. Maybe a little bit before they get back. Good luck, and Happy Growing. You should also consider starting a Grow Journal. So everybody can follow along help with any questions that you may have.


I also wanted to say that 7 weeks would be Flower time not from germination to harvest. Being autoflowers they can be in Veg for a few weeks up to 2 months. Once they start into Flower 7 weeks is also a estimate for when they should be ready for harvest. If I’m wrong about that someone will let us both know LOL.


Thank you for the information and tags. Happy New year’s!

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If you’re in a basement using a tent, you’ll have to keep the outside area fairly close to the rh and temps you need. Tents require fresh air from a “lung room” and constant circulation, so you just can’t heat and dehumidify the tent. You’ll have to plan for that. You will need a ducted exhaust fan at the minimum.

However, tents are good for keeping light out…

You’ll need several fans inside the tent. Oscillating are best.

You’ll need a good pH meter. It will suffice for liquid. If you’re using kind soil there’s no need to measure soil pH. Don’t waste money on a cheap probe. They’re junk.

10 gal bags are overkill for autos. 5 gal will be fine, 7 if you must.

The mars hydro lights are going to be a little shy of what you need for lighting. It’s close, but for the money you’d spend I’d recommend something from horticulture lighting group dot com, or some diy lights. That is, if you want nice dense buds.


Not necessarily. While most breeders typically advertise in total flowering time, a few (Mephisto and Night Owl, for example) do advertise total growing time. The vast majority do just the flowering time, though.
@PremiumBudzBlondie this is an important thing to know about your seeds, so be sure you know which value you are reading.


Just curious is there a strain that can be germinated and harvested in 7 weeks. I’m not challenging what you’re saying, I’m honestly curious about if there is a strain that can be finished that quick.

There may be. We haven’t heard what breeder or strain(s) @PremiumBudzBlondie is using. I’ve grown several Mephisto strains that were done in 60 days(8.5 weeks). Of course the yield is smaller with plants like that, but you can always stuff more plants in the space.


I knew I had a list somewhere of fastest flowering strains. Yep, Sweet Seeds has a strain called Speed Auto that is supposed to finish in 7 weeks. I haven’t actually grown it to confirm that, though.


@PremiumBudzBlondie was talking about wanting to pull a pound off of 4 plants. Would that be possible with autoflowers that finished that quickly.

Well… I don’t quite think so, certainly not in soil. I can tell you from experience that you definitely can get that yield with 4 Mephisto plants, but they would be the 10-12 week strains.
If it were me, I would just grow 6 plants to ensure a better yield.


Thanks, I’m a fairly new grower so I wasn’t sure about if it was possible. My first grow was OG Kush autoflowers. Second grow was GDP photos. Currently on 3rd grow, more photos.

@PremiumBudzBlondie I was just thinking about how you said in your initial post that this was your first time growing. If you haven’t already purchased your seeds, I think I would recommend that you shy away from trying to finish a grow in 7 weeks and instead try one of these ILGM strains that have a short flowering time but are also easy to grow:
Super Skunk (52 days flowering)
Blueberry (55 days flowering)

Some strains can be difficult and most everyone screws up a plant or two their first try, so you might want to try something known to be easy.


@Drinkslinger isn’t wrong about 2 Mars TSL 2000Ws not being enough, but 4 TSW 2000Ws could cover your entire room, let alone your 6-1/2’ square tent, @PremiumBudzBlondie

I would compare any other lighting system you consider to the price of 4 TSW 2000Ws. I wouldn’t even compare light quality, just power draw and price.

Do you mind if I ask why you’re considering autoflowering plants as opposed to photoperiod plants? You’ve got a tent for light deprivation, and space for 4 largish plants. My reasoning is that photos give you control over training time to get a nice level canopy, if you want it. If you stay with autos, I think 1st run with each strain, it’s wise to do one each in a 10, 7, 5, and 3 gallon container. Listening to auto breeders like FullDuplex, container restrictions seem to accelerate the flowering transition. That could be desirable or undesirable.

I spent an enormous sum running a plug-in energy-star dehumidifier in my basement until I put in a permanent 240v ducted mini-split system. That handles heating, cooling, and dehumidification. That might be excessive or beyond your budget, but I would look at buying as efficient a dehumidifier as you can. And let me add I’d look at lots of techniques to dehumidify, because a dehumidifier is just one.

This is exciting! You’re taking the right approach by making lists, soliciting advice, and setting a budget. Best of luck!


FullDuplex is pre-release on an IBL project that he considers extremely fast; he achieved 56 day, seed to harvest. He and connoisseur consumers are pleased with the resulting quality, and I don’t doubt him.


Thank you for the information and input, I will drop down to 5 gal bags. Will also start figuring the air circulation, humidity control, and temperature control for the room not just for the tent.


Also the 2 - 2000w Mars Hydro lights are for the 4 plants , not to cover the entire area. Would put 2 plants under each light was the idea. Then upgrade to 4 when I started using the entire area. As far as building my own light, I’m no good at something like that so for me is completely out of the question. I will look into HLG lights though, so thank you for that recommendation. The temperature and humidity is going to be the to biggest issues I have to contend with right of the get. Will still continue researching options and ideas in that regards. I have already purchased my seeds from seedsman, I bought the 3 pack of Speed + Auto feminized, they are 7 weeks from seed to harvest , not 7 week flower time. I chose these for the first plants due to the potential for high yields , quick grow time , and thc levels. As right now I am currently buying my smoke , so would like a quick first grow to build up my stash to last me through the next grow. That was my thought process on that anyway lol.

Thank you everyone for the input and advice. Just trying to get it right the first time around and get the best possible quality and yield possible within my setup.


That’s not great advice. Power consumption has nothing to do with light output. By that logic every 400 watt light has the same ppf, and we know some are more than 2.5 times the efficacy of others.

I understand that you’re an advocate for the lights you use, but let’s keep the advice we give out honest and truthful.


I wouldn’t expect you to pull a pound from that, but I wouldn’t say never either. Fast strains are limited on time for growing and bud development.

Plenty of people here can harvest a pound out of a 4x4, so that’s not a big deal. There’s probably less that do it with autos, but again @Not2SureYet and @blackthumbbetty seem to do really good with autos. But with 3-4 seeds, I don’t see 4-5+ zips dry per plant in 7 weeks start to finish.

Anyway, back to where I was going. You may want to look into just doing a 4x4 flower area and a smaller space for vegging plants. Sounds a lot more reasonable to your guidelines and wouldn’t limit you on genetics.



Would you recommend LED or HID lighting in my situation where I am going to start with 4 plants but then do 12 plants on my second grow. Thinking of overall cost, efficiency, and performance