Looking for ideas on how to get pictures for grow journal and something for trichomes

i looked around the forums and wasn’t sure where to ask this. I also didn’t find a title that seemed to cover this so… what should i get so i can be able to post pics of my grow on my journal, but also be able to see bugs and trichomes when it comes time. i saw advertised that pocket magnifiers can see spider mites and other little bugs. cheaper is better

I have one of these. It attaches to your phone and can get pretty good closeups.


Also have a Carson microbrite for real close up but it doesn’t take pics


Just download a magnifying application onto your phone. You can zoom in a lot more than what I posted

Hey @Vexer, i should have said that i don’t have a smart phone so this is all by puter or individual components. thanks for the help though.

Hey @BobbyDigital i don’t have smart phone, but do run android games on my puter, thanks for help

Found this but have no experience with it


Does your phone take pictures at all?

i don’t have a cell phone

If its in your budget, a tablet or something like an ipod touch would probably be really handy. Then you could use one of those inexpensive clip on magnification devices or an app. The convenience factor here is that you would have a wireless device you can take into your room to snap pics, then log in from the device and upload pics directly from said device.

It can certainly be done from a pc, but in most cases will require a wired device and/or moving pics from a camera to pc before you can upload. Both are kind of a pain in the rear.

I’m not suggesting you spend several hundred dollars on a new ipad or anything. But i feel like I’ve seen something like a kindle fire for around $40. I also feel like resale shops have older gen ipod touch for about the same price. If you decide to go that route, just make sure you can get a satisfactory magnification tool compatible.


hey @dbrn32 this hp probook6565b is supposed to be able to emulate a tablet, it has “tablet” mode, but i haven’'t used it that way yet, thanks for the insight, will think on it

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I get agitated when i can’t do something from my it phone lol, so definitely the wrong person to talk computer model numbers with. Does that mean it has touch screen with detachable keyboard?

no touch screen, it is a cheap used model, i buy used every couple years. no camera, no frills, but can emulate android for running android programs… i used it to pplay games until this new project @dbrn32

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Copy that. Is it reasonable to have near your grow?

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yep, is wireless connect @BobbyDigital’s post looks great for doing the macro… just need something for pics, i will pick up cheap dig camera at wally world most likely


Either of those good solution.

oh my @BobbyDigital that one you posted is perfect, it goes 0 to 250x magnification. most of the others were 40x to whatever, will be able to use as camera and microscope. thanks a bunch bud :+1:


At 250x you can probably count the pores on a newborn spider mite


wooo hooo, just ordered that item by contacting my gang at the treehouse, they will order it for me so i don’t have to put my cc on the internet… i’ll do just about anything to keep from getting my card on my puter… i checked, my tent still isn’t in, but will be giving them 400 bucks tomorrow and picking up my 630 sunsystem cml

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Will be interested to see how it works out for you

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@monkman Have you thought of picking up a cheap camcorder? I just got one and I’m planning on doing some continuous streams of my grows.

@BobbyCelo no i didn’t at all and what a neat idea grow!

people who are not growing would look at your statement and say something like “really, the guy is filming his plant growing” kind of like in the old days when you would comment about watching the grass grow as a comment on a persons sanity LOL