Looking for high CBD, very low THC autoflower strains

Fair enough. I guess I’m looking for stealthy, smaller plants for a shorter growing season here in VT.
Had large plants ripped off before because they are hard to hide on my property. Thought I would try autos out, and see how they worked. If they turn out to be less than satisfactory, I’ll switch back to photos.
I’ve read the pros and cons of autoflowers, but there’s nothing like experience to get a more clear picture.

Let me rephrase, all autoflowers have less potency than there photoperiod counterparts. Most claim 20 plus percent and most sheep believe it. Many tests only show 12% on many different strains.

Now with that said the trick is to pick the very high photo strains for autos in the hopes ya get 16 to 19 percent. Bruce Banner, OG Kush, Wedding Cake , Gelato etc.

Subcool had it right about autos. The only place I see them having any use is outside 2 crops a year. And only the highest thc auto strains outside.

Inside why waste time and inside space growing lower thc inferior Autoflowering Marijuana, when one can grow 30% photoperiod gurilla glue?

You want the highest proven thc x large autos or in my opinion, it ain’t worth the time indoors boys.

Just my two cents, happy growing!