Looking for HID lighting opinions


I’m in a new location with lots of expansion room. i have budding chambers in the size of about 9’x4’6" and i wont to outfit them in air cooled HPS lamps. should i go with 3@ 600 wt HPS or 2@ 1000 wt double end HPS lamps per chamber?


I would go with 3 600 watt hps in xxxl 8 inch hoods… that’s what I use in flower… tables are 5’ x 3’ with 8 foot ceilings… :wink:
600 watt is way more efficient then a 1000 watt…
I’ve grown way bigger buds under a 600 watt hps then I have under a 1000 watt hps… but I’ve grown more buds under a 1000 watt then a 600 watt… :wink:
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My last run under a 600 watt magnetic hps hood yielded a lil over 2 lb’s in a 5’x3’ table… with my rdwc systems… :wink:

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@oldpro, you lucky thing. I would love to acquire a larger space to play. IMHO three lamps offer more options. As you know different strains grow at different rates and heights. If you need to raise or lower your lights, three 600 Watt lights would work better. I think.


i actually have 2 rooms at 9’6"x9’6" ea. just for budding. and what ever i need for grow space in a 3rd room. and i plan on loading it at around 50wt per usable sq. ft.


here is one room with just 4 plants in grow under a 600 wt MH


maybe 5 @ 600 wt in an “L” shape against 2 walls in each room?


The options are almost limitless. I’m sure you’re aware of the heat factor. I use 2 “Lil Hood” air cooled fixtures with 600 Watt lamps now. I’ve got them connecgted in a semi closed loop design which vents into my attic. Well actually, there’s nothing closed about it. I suck cooler filtered air from the attic and then discharge back into the attic. My room is a 5’ X 7’ X 9’ bathroom converted into my garden. God only know what I’m going to rig up when the weather gets warmer.


yes, i already use air cooled lights as i stated originally in this post


Oops… Sorry. I missed that.


@oldpro another option you may have not considered is LEC/CMIH I would purchase one if I didn’t have LED currently. Full spectrum, with uvb production. From veg to flower. No switching bulbs.


Look at all the light being wasted because of no reflection… put up some fake walls to trap light on to your girls… i.e. … your wasting light… :wink:

Here’s an example… :wink:
Notice the walls… free floating Styrofoam… works like a charm… :wink:
This keeps all my light on my girls… nothing wasted… :wink:

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Here is another table almost 3 weeks since light flip… :wink:

No fake walls here , it’s just a corner with a 600 watt hps over it… :wink:

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Definitely go with good 600’s over 1000’s. If you’re open to three 315 lec that would be a good hid option as well.


the growth room will be lit with air cooled 315 wt ceramic, but i dot know if i dare try anything but pure HPS for budding


i was just going to use white paint


You want to be able to surround your hoods tho… control your light… :wink:

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If you take a look at @Donaldj grow that’s all he uses, if you want to take a look. He has great looking plants. Everyone has a preferences though. Just wanted to point out an option you may not have considered. Happy growing. @oldpro