Looking for guidance first time grow bag seed and auto lemon haze

Okk so to start I order a cash crop box 5.0 hydroponic 6 plant system and a 2x2x4 tent with a carbon filter a fan and the duct work I have since stop using the cash crop and started using a mega garden 15 plant tray ebb and flow system have three plants in the system with the rest being seedlings in the tent I have two light one is a cob led Dimension: 176x176x87 mm
Lamp Weight: 1.26KG
Housing Material:Steel
Operating Voltage: AC85-265V
Operating Current: 457MA
Operating Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Power: 192W
Actual Power: 84W
Lighting Source: Highlight integrated Led
Led Chip Quantity: 64pcs
Working Temperature: -20~40℃
Dominant Wavelength: 450-47nm Blue /620-660nm Red
Life Span: 50000h
LUX: 4255lux/0.5M,1110lux/1M,540lux/1.5M,320lux/2M
Irradiation Area: 10.89㎡/1M,21.16㎡/1.5M,39.69㎡/2M
luminous flux: 2779.6LM
Luminous Efficiency: 28.22 LM/W … and the second is imensions: 7.25" L X 7" H X 2" W

Material: Aluminum & PC, lens covered with waterproof material

Color: 16 Red & 4 Blue

Base color: Black case

Waltage:20 Watt (Equavilant to 80w)

Broadband voltage: 86-265v

Beam Angle: 120 degree

Wavelength: full spectrum Red: 655~660nm, Blue:460nm

Coverage: 1.5’ x 1.5’ FT

Waterproof Grade: IP65

Is this to much light in the tent of that size and the second specs I have a second of over my seedlings any info or advice as I’ve never grown before

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Seedlings pic

start dates for the groups

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My girls are not looking to good today …I checked the rezoning and it looked pretty bad cleaned it out but they still haven’t recovered

I just want them to be healthy I’m so worried

I think they’re not getting water to their roots. How is the water getting up into the root zone?

I have been watering them from the top when the tray is flooding the biggest one has roots coming out of the bottom not sure about the others tho

I hate to say it, but I think you’ll need to reconfigure your hydro setup. How did you come up with the hydro design and setup, I’m curious?

It was a kit came with the tent the carbon filter the mega garden ebb and flow system and the two lights I already had

HereIs A Pic

Ahhh ok, now I get it! I didn’t realize it was an ebb and flow setup. I think @latewood has some experience with ebb and flow setups, if not him maybe @hammer could help out, he’s a hydro guru.

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Thanks any insight is welcomed I’m hoping to soak in as much as I can they look a bit better one still has me worried though

Okk a new day and a new dawn the girls look a bit better still not to sure about the one tho

I put a light feeding of nutrients in the water yesterday with a change in the rest hoping that was okk lol really just trying to go off what I’ve been able to read and see from others I do think I hurt my seedlings tho maybe the light is to bright or close but looks like roots dried out

I think I learned (FNG) that overwatering and underwatering both cause the leaves to droop.
I experienced this first hand. I actually judge when I water by watching for the leaves to droop.
I got froggy and watered too soon one time and the leaves drooped then came back the next day.
It may just be the light in the pic but they look like they are yellowing. That could be too much water!
You learn as you go in this business. We all have a tendency to kill our babies with kindness.

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For sure trying to dial in when to water and how often I have taken the hydroton out of the tray the girl were drooping a bit but I heard that’s common close to lights out

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