Looking for general info on nutrients

what are your favorite nutrient lines to use and why

I went with Fox Farms. I use this one for the FF Nuts.

Why? Because in my limited research this was highly recommended for the 3 liquids. I ran into this kit and glad I did. I’m sure there is way better but I’ve enjoyed my results so far. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it is my motto.


I use happy frog soil for the first month with only PhD dechlorinated tap water, since their nutrients in the soil will last for a month more or less. After that I use organic dry amendments
veg I use this

Flower I use this
Why? Because I wanted an organic grow and really dont know how to ratio amendments, yet. So I did some research watched video after video and I went with these 2 and I’m very happy.

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Depends if you’re looking for nutrients on a budget or if you’re wanting to spend some money

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yeah I can go a little pricer i just want to kno what works for everyone my last grow i used floranova

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Not a thing wrong with that. I use GH and finally invested in the entire regimen. My last grow harvested 14 oz of top tier flower from one plant.


I have been using Remo