Looking for favorite raw cannabis recipes and uses

Just pulled a huge haul off my revegged plant. I will have more than enough buds for smoke/vape so I’m looking for uses for raw cannabis. What do you all out here do to prepare, or use, raw cannabis? I took some off the first cutting today and put it in My freezer until I can use it this week…and with half the plant still maturing, gonna have to get creative.

No matter how hard I try, I just can’t imagine I’ll be able to smoke it all!! :grin:
Thanks everyone.

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Hi there. Since it is not heated, you can make a juice from it. Maybe grind it up to put in salad dressing. Smoothies. Raw is great , has all kinds of healthy nutrients.
Good luck and have fun

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I have this to looks at and if you have any questions just tag me!

Black thumb Betty also has a great thread on edibles and concentrates

We both have recipes but if you have a craving for something else just holler, I can help you make pretty much anything into an edible

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