Looking for experienced eyes - getting close?

I have only harvested one plant and I was too early. Looking for help on this one. I’m hoping to get it good for couchlock but I have no skills to tell how far I am away. I tried to take the pics of the top of the bud and around the top.

That last pic is good. If that is a pic of the buds, I see about the amount of amber I like when making the choice what day it is gonna be. I too like the couch lock type of high. I would check each day at lights on, should only be a few more days a week at most.

We will see what some of the other growmies say.


Looks like you are in the window.


Definitely in the window but id wait a few more days

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These are from today - 3 days after first pics

Nice pics! Get your chopping gear sharp!

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