Looking for curing info?

There is probably a whole section that discusses this in depth. I’m overwhelmed by competing advice. Some articles recommend 3 months of curing and others say anything over 2 weeks is wasted. I would like to get to market ASAP but willing to wait longer if the ROI is there. Had a little hay smell on my last cure and would specifically like to not repeat. Bergman recommends a 14 day dry and in the future i hope to have a small tent where i can control lighting and ventilation. Currently drying in the same tent where i just flowered some fem Blue Dream. This is the only space where i can control ventilation and the lights are 12 x 12.

Look into boveda packs and grove bags. They simplify the process. The bags eliminate need to burp. There are threads here on both, just gotta click the magnifying glass.

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I at’d you in post about grove bags

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I dry at 70F and 60% RH (with good airflow) and it takes a week to 10 days. I’ll transfer dried flower to Ball jars and cure for 2 weeks in a cool, dark place and ensuring that humidity remains around 60%. It’s a good idea to burp your jars a couple of times a day at first, and then at least daily later on in the cure. I suppose you could cure for longer, but I’ve found that weed is fit for smoking after a couple of weeks.

I store weed in a controlled environment and I suppose that could be considered curing as well. An extended cure, if you will.

People may do it differently, but these are the basics.

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I’ve had flower be completely cured with developed terpenes in 5 days, also had some that never really changed over time, and finally some that took 2 months to cure.

I have found (this is entirely subjective) that doing a peroxide bud wash seems to reduce the cure time and keep it green and fresh longer. Storage in a refrigerator and backstock in the freezer keeps it nice for years if need be.


It’s all about heat, humidity and air. You could dry a plant in front of a large fan in 3 days, but it would be a hay smeller for sure. You could also just hang that same plant in a 68 degree room with no air flow and it may take three weeks.

Most leave too much leaf on their buds then put them in the jar. The trim is a very important spoke in the wheel that is often overlooked.

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I Find Bill Ward to be very knowledgeable.


I second that, some of his strains are also grown worldwide.

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