Looking for couch lock

Looking for seeds that give the ultimate couch lock experience, any suggestions?

11-12 weeks in flower…


I meant strains

I’m currently using White Widow. It’s a nice strain.

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Any almost pure indica grown till about 20 percent Amber trichs. @oldmarine I’ve come to the same conclusion, I think I’m gonna just grow Sativa and pick it later.


Yah white widow auto or super skunk auto

Anything indica grown out to 25% Amber will give u hella couch lock depends how it’s grown dried and cured tho. GDP slh search indica strains thru ilgm and see what u get.


Grand Daddy Purple will provide you with a couch lock :closed_lock_with_key: experience :+1:

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over the summer we grew outside WESTERN GRAIL and oh boy she produced some oil,Buds we smoked 9 ozs not yet but I made that will lock your behind in like Loctite on a Bolt into a threaded hole never coming off w/o heat… Great for muscle Pain and cramped up pain and the best for OA. Joint pain all goes away…, better than Calgon takes you away.

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Mephisto Genitics Skywalker will keep you locked down for a while. I have a buddy that grew some and it kicked my ass so good I ordered some. Should be here Tuesday.
If the room was on fire around me I don’t think I could have got up :rofl:


I have White Widow right now and I’m okay with it.

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White widow cronic widow banner and California dream

Always feel like the purples are great for a couch lock… GDP, Purple Punch, Purple Urkle… also growing OGs out til good % of amber trichs like Mark mentioned should do the trick as well!