Looking for constructive criticism

So I’m about 5 weeks into veg stage and just wanted to throw these out for some idea on where to go next with these girl’s (I hope)

  1. Should I cut those HUGE leaves on the middle 2 plants to get more light underneath or leave them cause they collect a lot of light energy?
  2. how long before you can start to see the sex of the plants?
  3. I’m trying the manifold tech on 3 of them to compare the final results and not sure how to trim/defoliate from this point on. I’ve secured the 8 main branches, now what?


Manifolding is fun but won’t help yields.

Plants will show their sex when they’re ready.

Be very careful of any leaf removal: tuck them if you can. Topping can force side branches to develop too which helps with light penetration. I would not do any defoliation until day 21 of flower. Remember the leaves produce the sugars needed to produce flower.


I see you are following Nebula’s manifold technique. I assume you want to keep them at 8 colas. You will need to keep pinching the new growth tips as new leaf nodes develop.
I just posted this photo to my grow journal. I numbered the leaf nodes and where I pinched the growth tips.

This is a 8 colas nebula manifold

It was a clean up day and growth tips needed to be removed


It’s cool looking but yield is all about filling the light footprint with tops. Any light hitting the base of the plant or floor of the tent is wasted energy.

This is just topped once and LST to keep even canopy. There are 12+ colas here. No fuss no muss.

This is her about a week ago. Got 4 or 5 weeks left to go.


@HMGRWN i topped and LSTd this one ( im still learning ). Took this pic this morning, starting week 2 of flip. Im wanting to keep my canopys low due to the ceiling height ( 5.5 ft to HLG 600r and 320xl ) and i need to learn how fim and really grow out instead of up.


Looks nice! :+1:

That one is doing that pretty well. May want to train the taller tops down to match the lower ones. That will help open it up without needing to trim too.

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@HMGRWN i did just get my first 30 pack of LST clips in the mail yesterday. How long into flower am i ok to LST? Would you go at the base or futher up the branch? Ive got 3 more that need tended to that are taller that i need to spread out, i was just worried since i flipped that i was too late. I was getting staples and clips for the next babies.

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Yeah that’s what I’m trying to do with the other 3! I was trying that last grow but ran into space/ lighting issues and had to scrog net it

@Jerdan03 so you are topping at 1st or second node and getting two branches then laying that growth down ? Im just trying to understand. Im learning too.

@HMGRWN that’s an excellent before/after training demonstration.

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Same here last grow HLG 650R I purchased halfway through flowering. I Wasn’t sure what my issues were comin from ( the girls were basically on life support from lack of nutes) so I got a decent light to take that outta the equation. So here we shall try again, my thought is to spread out the upper branches and let the lowest one come up the middle ?!?

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I continue making “adjustments” a couple of weeks into flower sometimes.

I use small wire (like bread tie but longer) attached to edge of planter and tie to the branches about mid way usually.

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@HMGRWN ok, thats what ive been doing is tying down the branches. Am i ok to defoliate or wait on that too? I flipped into 12/12 9 days ago.

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Avoid that for as long as possible. The leaves are necessary for healthy plant growth. About 3 weeks after flower starts is when to start a little trimming.