Looking for Bushy Plants

I am a personal grower and user and not looking for extremely large yeilds, but would like bushier plants.
Have read through guides on growing, fertilization, topping and pruning, but I see other peoples pictures of short 6 inch plants that look like mini bushes?? Although my plants grow well, are healthy and get big, they are always tall and lanky? (Most of my seeds have been either auto-flower or feminized)…Is there a process I am missing or do I need to hone my skills better?
Much Appreciated

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What is your lighting solution? It’s most likely that tall, lanky plants are due to inadequate lighting.

It isn’t necessarily desirable to have dense, bushy plants. Some spacing is necessary to ensure adequate airflow and light penetration.


Try strawberry cough if you like the strain. It’s sativa dominant but requires no training, will stay bushy. Just make sure to prune them, quoting ilgm “of all unnecessary vegetation”. Or they grow too dense. As I recently learned. Lol.

It’s about a foot shorter than the rest. And 4 inches shorter than 2 coughs two weeks younger. I pruned them. but they are also elevated to reach chocolope and slh

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LIGHTS??? Number 1 in the grow requirements. Good lights the rest can be pieced together but without good lights u will get tall lanky plants with loose larfy buds. Might smell amd taste good but will be real light on the final weight. HLG can make a short bushy plant or a tall lanky one depending on how u use it. Awesome lights tho

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In addition to lights are you doing any training and or topping?
Purple Kush 63 days

If I keep it pruned it will have 12 colas


I have not found a lot on topping or pruning as to when and how. Most articles seems very high level.

Thanks and I should have added these will be moving outside soon. Sounds like at this stage though lighting is what you are recommending. Much Appreciated

As others have said, lights.
Intensity but also spectrum, more red leaning light grows busier plants while more blue leaning light grows more tree like plants with further node spacing.

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Lights fo sho…going hand in hand with that would be a clone…my 02…:sunglasses::v:

These are my 3 “short” plants.

The closest is a White Widow from a clone. I just started pinning her down early. Whenever something grew higher, i would bend it over and into empty spaces in the pot. I’m using her as my mom plant and she has already produced dozens of clones.

The second plant is a Super Skunk from seed. I topped her at about the seventh node, bent her over and spread the branches throughout the pot.

The far plant is a mainlined Super Skunk from seed. I topped her at the 2nd node and removed all the lower growth. I topped her 6 times with a mistake or two. She has 30 tops.

Thank you everyone for the info and great pics…beautiful plants.
I have since moved my plants from the window to a closet with a grow light and see a difference already…alas…I am an outside grower, (smell is too much in the house) and these will be outside soon. Again thanks to all for the help…VanO

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WOAH!! that is the single most beautiful LST work ive seen, truly an art and i can tell a labor of love.

Sativas if you are not careful they will look like a X-mas tree. Indicas tend to be shorter and bushier. Unless I am growing them they are Super Monsters. I hope this will help you @VanO.

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from my limited knowledge and what im understanding, strain type/genetics have a significant role in how “bushy” a cannabis plant “can” get, other contributing factors are but not limited to, Indoor/outdoor, real estate, PPFD, PH, EC/PPM, air quality, quality of medium/type of medium, LST/HST techniques, RH%, the distance from light to canopy, Room temp, res/medium temp., whats in the soup… the list really goes on but i think those are the basics. im probably forgetting something important :slight_smile:

Mk ultra

Thanks I appreciate that. But, @oldmarine has definitely go it going on too. Beautiful spread on that girl.