Looking for advise on the best autoflowering sativa and indica for outdoor grow in Toronto area

I’m looking for advise on the best autoflowers strain . Sativa , indica and hybrids. Outdoor grow, 42nd parallel. Toronto area

Durban poison is a great sativa that does really well outdoors. I don’t know if you can still get a DP auto though. I didn’t see it in ILGM’s selections. Look around.

Ok. Ty. I’ll look around. I’ve been looking at auto amnesia haze auto and gorilla glue auto. I’m really looking for a good high . Have you ever grown either of those as an auto?

All of the ILGM autoflower strains will do well in that climate. Most of them are Indica-dominant hybrids, with a few 50/50 hybrids. A “good high” has many interpretations and is open to personal preferences. If you are looking for maximum THC, these are likely your top choices:
Gorilla Glue (70% Indica, 26% THC)
Bergman’s Gold (60% Indica, 21% THC)
Girl Scout Cookies Extreme (80% Indica, 21% THC)

You can see more sorted by THC content here:


Thanks for the info.

I have 10 jack herer autos set for an outdoor grow in south central wisconsin. Planning on having them ready to go outside somewhere around mid to late May. @TommyBahama, praises and accolades on your tables. One has to appreciate skill that is appropriately applied. I did a very simple excel schedule to help me decide on what strains to purchase from ILGM for my first indoor photo grow later this spring. Simple Copy / paste messes up table attributes but this is what I came up with
Source: ILGM Criteria: femized / small plant (ie photoperiod strains)
Rank Strain THC Indica / Sativa Difficulty Size Flower Comment 1 Comment 2
1 Northern Lights 18 90 / 10 easy 28" 49 - 63 12 - 16 oz per 3x3
2 Strawberry Kush 18 75 / 25 easy 36" 60 - 67 good for SOG daytime smoke
3 AK-47 20 35 / 65 Easy-Mod < 36" 53 - 63 cool, low humid cerebral, social, creative

Ty fixer power I will look around for DP auto