Looking for advie on the distance for Marshydro TSW2000 LED light 300w

Hey Folks,

First timer here!

I was wondering if anyone had some advice on how high I should have my lights from the pot with brand new germinated seeds? Will be in a Marshydro 4x4x 6 tent.

Also, is a PAR meter worth it?

Have four ladies that are ready to get dirty and jump in the dirt.

Thank you in advance for any help.

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I have that light and I usually start my seedlings at 24 inches and dim to 25%. If they start to stretch, drop light height or increase. % on dimmer. Hope that helps.


The phone apps work well enough to get PAR values. No need for expensive light meter.


any suggestion on an app for android?

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I do iPhone and use an app called Photone that’s received high praise. Don’t know what’s available on Android.

Ppfd and lux for Android. Depending on your Android you can measure lux more accurately without a diffuser. Use a piece of white paper over your light sensor as a diffuser with the ppfd app.