Looking for advice

I started 4 plants (while my last crop finished) thinking my basement would stay cool enough over the summer, the first 90 degree day increased the temp in my flowering tent to 87 degrees. I am going to have to veg my plants in the tent till September/October. I have a white widow, Afghan, indica, and Banana kush. They are all about 1 month old and I’ve topped them once. Should I continue to top them multiple times? Super crop? Lollipop? This is my third grow. — pictures are the indica and white widow.

The more you top the more the plants will try and become bushy and less tree like, so if your grow tent is not very wide. I wouldn’t try topping too many more times with four plants taking up most of the space already. The strains with wide fat leafs also tend to be shorter stocky plants to begin with.

Super cropping is doing one of the multiple cola methods, LST, “topping”, ect… try one out or keep topping before you induce flower if you do not think the grow will maximize the tent.

Lollipop’n helps later in flowering when you’re trying to achieve either better air movement in a tent, or better light penetration to the flower sites below the top of the canopy in a grow set up.

To a newer grower I always recommend testing out a couple methods on different grows. I also recommend to make minor adjustments to your current method if you have had successful grows in the past. This is so you can learn what you can do in your personal situation as every location is different.


suggest you top at least twice maybe three times if the lady is big n healthy.

How big is your grow space height and width
Super cropping ,
Topping and fimming multiple times
And lst will all make your plants wider and bushy
But will control your hieght also
If size is a issue you can keep them in smallee pits say 1-2 gallon and transplant later when you are ready to flower this will also help keep the plants smaller


They live in a 4’x4’x6.5’ tent, but given pot height and the space taken by the ventilation system and lights, it’s more like 4x4x4.5. I didn’t even consider keeping them in smaller pots… :roll_eyes: