Looking for advice/opinions

I am going to be getting a 48x24x72" tent. I am just looking for thoughts/advice on equipment.

I plan to grow 2 plants at a time, autos or photos, depending on what I have at the moment.

I currently have run of the mill LEDs, but would like to upgrade to HLG Quantum boards.

What would be the best model to get for the size tent?

Should I get two, one for each plant?

I don’t mind doing the diy method if it results in a significant savings over pre built. I just need to know where to look/what to buy.

I currently have 6" duct and a 6" inline fan pulling negative pressure and creating a passive intake.

I want to upgrade to a quieter fan, will 6" size still work for the size tent? (I currently have a smaller tent)

I know upgrading to an 8" would overall be more energy efficient and quieter, but would that be overkill?

Thanks for the input. I’m sure I’ll have some follow up questions.


The six inch exhaust fan with a pass through hole will work fine On a 48 by 24 tent. The HLG 260 watt XL
V2 rspec kit Would be a good fit for that size tent.


I second what they said :point_up_2:


I agree, qb 260 xl kit is a gem in 2x4.

If you’re looking to save some cash, the first generation 135 kits were down to $129. You could also do two of those.


@dbrn32, are the kits you mentioned ones I build myself? And I assume the best place to get them is from hlg website?

@kellydans, when you say pass through hole, do you mean passive intake? Lol. Just want to make sure I have the lingo down.

Thanks everyone!


Sorry, I do mean passive intake hole. I got my light from HIG website You can purchase the light assembled and tested For a little more money . or you can purchase non assembled. And put it together yourself. It’s very easy.

Yup, if growerslights has in stock they will assemble for a fee.

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@dmykins the kits come with driver, heatsinks, pcb boards with leds, wagos and wire. They make it very simple to feel like you’ve done something.

The push in connections for the pcb boards for the wires makes it easy to put together and other then removing the casing around the wire (stripping wire) it’s pretty dummy proof.

And if you have any issues or questions come here post pictures and all these nice people will jump on board to get you squared away


Thanks everyone! Looks like I am going to get shopping!

Do the quantum board LEDs emit heat like other LEDs?

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Yes - but the mid-power diodes don’t give off the kind of heat you see from high power COBs or higher power diodes. Higher efficiency = more energy to photons and less to waste heat.

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This :point_up_2:. I went with 2 of the 135 kits just for the flexibility of being able to adjust each one to different heights. Really comes in handy when doing a sativa dominant plant and an indica dominant plant in the same space.


Good choice and I would suggest if assembling yourself to look at a Youtube video or two.

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@Bogleg, perfect, I don’t mind the heat when they are on, helps warm the tent without a space heater (tent is in there basement and it’s winter)

@Bobbydigital, I’ll check out the 135’s.

@Myfriendis410, I’ll check it out. I always enjoy a project to do.


Regarding the Quantum Boards, would I want 3000K or 5000K?

I plan to use the same light from seed through flower.

I would go with the 3000K :wink:


Just to confirm, @dbrn32, 2 of these would be awesome in the 2x4 tent?

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You bet. Get 3000k or 3500k.

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Why is my leaf turning like that HELP!! Please

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Welcome to the forum!

Looks like nutrient deficiency or lockout, have you been monitoring your ph and ppm in vs out?