Looking for advice on obtaining seeds

Does any one have any good recommendations for getting seeds? Also, are there any precautions to look out for?

If you can get them ILGM is THE place to get your seeds!


ILGM Will take care of you. And have several different payment options.


Before using ANY seedbank ask around or google the company. Of course we are all going to promote ilgm here and honestly as far as customer service and genetics go they are always really nice. There are a few others that offer smaller quantities which is more appealing to some folks. Biggest thing is just asking people.


I would be buying from ILGM if they shipped to Canada but alas it not be da case mon!
I have had excellent weed from the USA , Lumberjack seeds carry some dank product.
If you are looking for oldschool you may want to throw some money at The Real Seed Company? They have some real cool weed seeds! I have had both of these vendors deliver the goods in a timely manner and the seeds are all popping. TRSC only sells regular seeds, some with auto tendencies if you are into ruderal type dope. Lumberjack is strictly modern superdope, some highly dank dope from Ocean Grown Seeds. There are many great vendors, many of which are resellers, i prefer to buy right from the seed source it somewhat guarantees authenticity in the product. So if you want something you see on a vendor site, research the breeder first.

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Cool, thanks. I didn’t realize ILGM was a source until I posted this lol.

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I’ve been using a different seed bank. I do want a couple strains from ILGM but I have over 400 seeds. So no rush buying seeds for now. :+1:

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Yeah ive looked around. This site is good, I may go with them next, but i didn’t want to get too pricey the first time out.

The seed bank I’ve used many times is Attitude. They do specials each month. I’ve never had a dud nor needed seed replacements at all.

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I looked at them earlier. Im waiting in a order from seedsman.

I just tried another company recommended from another site. They are Growers choice seeds. A soon as the payment posted I had an email telling me so. Then today another email telling me they are being prepared for shipping, and should get another one when they ship. ILGM has been good as well

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I live this site! I will definitely support them.

My order arrived yesterday from growers choice, and the packaging looks impressive, just like something you would buy in a store. The glass vial is a nice touch, Keeping the seeds dry and fresh


Seedsman is having a sale right now. :v:

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I used seedsman. Ordered 3, they sent 3 free. The ones I ordered did not germinate…the free ones did

They sent 5 free replacement seeds. Started those yesterday. Gelato Auto

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Had a similar experience, great customer service and my replacements are doing great

ILGM will always be number 1 for me but lately I’ve been considering MSNL for their auto variety and they’re low prices maybe next year I’ll try then

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Yeah, my next grow will be from here definitely.

If not ILGM I use seed cellar in MI. A lot of great genetics companies.

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