Looking for Advice on HLG 650R

I need some help on LED lighting. Am leaning towards the HLG 650R. Anyone have any luck!!!???

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Cannot go wrong, I spent hours researching lights. Hlg is probably the best bang for buck you can get.


Don’t need luck with HLG, great lights and great company.


Also, use the discount code “dude” and save 10%, knocks off over $100 for the 650R.


How about Loriflux 8 blade?

I’ve got two of them. Way powerful. Def recommend.

They can be too powerful thought. What size space?

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5x5 or a 8x4

I feel it’s perfect for 5x5. I have 4x8 with two of them. I posted another thread of draw numbers but I don’t go much above 500 watts in flower. They are really powerful.

Second the customer service angle. I can email them and get very good engineering support within the same day.

And you can’t beat 10 percent off!

Do note they recommend 15 inch clearance and another 30 on top of flower canopy. Take that into consideration if you have low ceiling/tent

Loriflux 8 blade looks like a good light as well, but I’ve never heard of them or know of anyone using them.

Like @stltimmy1979 said.
If you’re in a shorty, you might take a look at the HLG Scorpion. It’s a lil bit more $.
I took back the 600 and got the Scorpion. Figure I just paid for another 1’ 6" or so to grow.


I’ve got a shorty and wish the scorpion was available when I got the 650. But I roll mostly indica as a result but that’s fine by me :ok_hand::sunglasses::+1:. But I wish I had that extra space. @Shirkules are you in shorty too? Thoughts on scorpion?

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@stltimmy1979 . Yes, I’m in a 5x5 Shorty.
I got a bit ahead of myself.
I got the Scorpion a cpl of weeks after I dropped my seeds. So I still haven’t been able to start it up yet.
I’m dying to put these under it.
I’m under a 300b spec now. Liking it so far. Still trying to adjust.

I will definitely let you know.
I’m pretty sure I’m going to love it. As soon as I figure it out.
Lights out…

Lights on…


That is a thing of beauty

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Heh. Be even prettier with some plants under it.
Just an empty box now

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Still learning.
Just going to glean as much as I can and start again.


That’s gonna rock looking forward to seeing this!

Nice even canopy. What are you running

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Rent that beauty out to the neighborhood ladies for tanning. No reason not to put it to use. :joy::bikini:

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Extra couple 100 and you to can have a scorpion. Be arse kicker in a 5x5

So if I have 9ft ceiling space I should go with the Scorpion???:thinking:

@Firsttimmer , I don’t want to give you bad advice. I think the 650 would be fine with a 9’ ceiling.
Guess it depends on how high you’re going to veg.
If it were me, I’d probably still get the Scorpion for the extra headspace and to grow bigger plants.

You may want to ask this guy, dbrn32.(pretty sure I have his name right)
Look under just about any light post and you’ll find him.
Definitely knows his shit.