Looking for advice from you, my ILGM family

Yes definitely @bizzyboy pull it up to 24" and quick as possible my friend that is way too close.

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I haven’t used any CalMag yet, but I did order some, so we’ll see shortly if that makes a difference. @timmyv324

Sounds good bizzyboy ! I know the LED doesn’t seem real bright but you can still light burn it too so the advice to move your light is a must. Plants don’t have eyes so they take in the light which led gives of in a blue and red spectrum but it’s still a lot of light being that close to a plant if that makes any sense at all. lol

Also I usually will take the last bit of milk in the container add water to it and give it to the plants. Milk give calcium and actually helps with the immune system . It’s an easy way to add calcium to its diet. Just a quick tip


You’re going to love the pineapple chunk! Barney’s right? She’s a solid grower and awesome smoke.

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According to the spectral distribution graph for that light, it doesn’t really provide any uv. But your statement is still correct. The light intensity can be beyond what the plant can handle regardless of amount of felt heat.

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Yeah dbrn32. I was trying to find the correct term and UV is what I came up with. Got to remember some of us are just old stoners trying to keep up with all you intellectuals!! Lol . I think if bizzyboy could get into Bergman’s lab everything you need to know is in there plus thing you might not need to know. I took a caption from the lab maybe it will help understand what they are looking for.

“A marijuana plant makes its own materials. This takes place in a process called photosynthesis. The leaves catch sunlight and will convert it, along with carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O), into sugars and oxygen. The faster the photosynthesis takes place, the better a plant grows.

So the more light a plant gets, the more CO2 it can convert and the faster and bigger it will grow. Outside, these elements are all naturally present. A disadvantage is that you can’t influence the climate outside. In this course, I will teach you about the perfect environment for a marijuana plant, so that can grow as big as possible.”

From the lab


All very true statements! Ecology 101 right? Sometimes we take some stuff way too literal, and completely disregard big picture stuff. I for one am definitely way deeper into the lighting stuff than is required to grow a healthy plant. But it’s something I’m spending money on regardless, so I’m going to spend it in the absolute best way I know how to.

But it doesn’t stop there. I have the resources to light beyond saturation level, doesn’t mean I will. Understanding the relationship between light, co2, and water can really make your money work best for you. Whether you join the lab, or read a book, or just take some random guys info from an Internet forum. Every day there’s a post about co2 generators right? You look at the grow and the lighting is somewhere between poor and adequate, and air exchange is 3-4 times what it needs to be. Very clear example of reading something on the internet that you don’t fully understand.

I’m with you brother, all the way.


You got it man!! It’s all that sweet balance. Cuz growing a plant really isn’t all that complicated. I mean a lot of us have landscaping we don’t do anything to and most just keeps on going . I guess that’s the point we r trying to get across us it’s pretty simple to grow a plant it’s that trying to get the nastiest smoke you can produce thing that gets you into the more complicated things. I really try to stick to the basics or I get flustered that’s why I have all you fellas to pick your brain lol thanks for all the help.

You betcha!


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@dbrn32 In your opinion would a more natural source of calcium like scriggams of milk in my ph water be more beneficial compared to a calmag product?

Not sure. I’m really behind where a lot of the guys are with nutrients. I have read that calcium sources found in tap water are very difficult for the plant to uptake, and that’s naturally occurring right? Not sure how true that is, or we can draw any conclusions that correlate from that though. It’s hard to say anything will or won’t work without trying.

@dbrn32 thanks brother! There is soooo much info out there…I guess basically it continues to boil down to trial and error. I will certainly be disappointed if I lose these plants by doing the wrong thing, but I am definitely enjoying the learning the process, watching the girls grow and eventually enjoying the “fruits” of all this labor.


@Countryboyjvd1971from your experience with the Pineapple Chunk, how long can I expect to both veg and flower these girls? Any photos of yours you can share? Thanks man

Hello gurus, more noob, 1st time grower queastions @Countryboyjvd1971,@dbrn32 @timmyv324 @Rugar89 @Ozzimotosan1
Timeline; Jan 7-germination day, Jan 9 -into solo cups, Jan 11- 1st baby leafs, 11th-21st seedling growth with humidity dome.
I believe when I transplanted into 3 gal fabric pots with FFOF and have first nute feeding on the 21st was day one of veg? Is that correct?
I’m currently watering with plain RO water at 6.5ph about every 3rd day and RO water (ph 6.5) with FF liquid big bloom and grow big every 3rd (ppm 440 today’s feed) day as it seems to take the soil that long to dry up enough. Is this frequent enough feeding???
These are pictures from today

Temp stays Mid70’s, humidity avg 45-61%

Exhaust fan with carbon filter (6in) in 36x36x72 Tent was sucking in WAY too much (creating a negative pressure environment) so currently awaiting speed controller. Will fan always lower humidity and temp?
I have 4’’ intake fan, just coming from room air.
Using co2 bag for supplemental co2, no tanks.
600 w LED light about 24’’ off canopy at 18/6 hrs.
Advice, comments, feedback please!!!


People are going to say they start veg all over the place, it’s really a trivial number. Some people say a certain amount of time after sprout, others start counting veg time after certain number of nodes. Others will count all time under 18/6 as veg. Doesn’t really matter unless you’re saying something like I only veg for 2 weeks and my plants are 4 feet tall lol.

Fresh ocean forest on a transplant should have high enough ppm to feed even a mature plant for a couple weeks. So I’m surprised you’re feeding at all really. I like to lean towards showing a deficiency over nute burn, but that’s personal preference. One of the major downfalls of soil growing is that you typically don’t see an issue in your plants until a week or two after it’s created in your soil. A simple check of ppm and ph in vs ppm and ph out can give you a reasonable idea of which way the conditions in your root zone are heading.

It’s really hard to say otherwise. Some plants will feed heavier than others, just as some will be more resilient to issues than others. So without some data, it’s hard to make a general statement. Based on my experiences, you’re probably leaning towards having a high ppm than low. But it’s all subject to stuff mentioned above.


Thanks a lot. I’ll check my runoff…
The soil ph gauge showed around 7ish ph in soil. How do I adjust the soil ph?

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those meters aren’t the best. Are you adjusting ph of your water?

Yes 6.5, both plain water and after mixing nutes.