Looking for advice from you, my ILGM family

Strain; Pineapple Chunk, feminized, indica

Soil in pots, FF OCEAN

System type? Photoperiod?? Vivosun Tent 3x3x6

PH of runoff or solution ; 6.8 (runoff), 6.3. (water/ nutes)

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS 110ppm , using 25% of recommended amt on FF liquid bloom(very concerned about 110ppm)


Light system, Vipraspectra 600 w LED

Temps; Day, Night . Tent temp varies 71-81f

Humidity; Day, Night Tent varies 38-51%, depends on my humidifier setting. Up to 63% at times

Ventilation system; Yes, 4” air intake. No current outtake.

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier? Yes, hummidifier- plain tap water. No a/c

Co2; Yes, co2 bag

These girls are 18 days old from Germ.
Jan 1/7 seeds into water soak
Jan 1/8 into moist paper towels, dark, heating mat-seeds cracked
Jan1/9 into FF Ocean filled solo cups with humidity dome

Jan 1/11 1st baby leafs showed , begin 24 hr light
Jan 1/16 transplanted into 3 gal fabric pots, some soil loss with possible root disruption
Jan 1/21 (Week 1 Veg?) Started 18/6 light cycle, 1st feed super thrive, 25% FF liquid big bloom
Jan 1/24. 2nd 25% FF Nutrients feed (mistake), ph 6.5


They look ok hard to see color under the led lights
I have a pineapple chunk giing also :+1:
Let me welcome you to the family my friend


Thanks Countryboyjvd1971
Any thoughts regarding my low ppm numbers?

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Two things
can and have you calibrated your tds meter
The second thing is
I never feed partial nutrients
I always mix full strength myself
Im a believer that the mfg know what they are selling and give a good base starting point fir usage
Which can be adjusted up ir diwn depending on needs
I would if possible double check accuracy of meter and if ppm are still that low you need to feed full


Yes welcome. You will learn lots. Good luck.


What are you testing that is giving you 110ppm?

Check your meter for a small indicator below the numbers. Most only read 3 numbers to 999 so when they go over 999 they put an x or something below it to indicate it is actually in your case (probably) 1100

Also consider using calibration fluid to verify the accuracy of your meter

1500ppm Calibration Fluid


You need to check the pH and TDS of your water, then your nutrient mix (adjust the pH) and then check the pH and TDS of the runoff

So should be giving us three set of numbers


The plants don’t look to bad but seem like they should b further along. Honestly I’d try a flouresant grow light if heat is a concern . But a good ol HPS will get you moving along. The cheaper LED lights just didn’t do much for me . I’ve seen newer style COB lights but they are a white light and the guy at the grow store says they are awesome ! I know they are bright and give off little to no heat. But it was $500 for 1 light equivalent to a 600w HPS. I bit out of most people’s range on the first run. But I have veged under flouresants but they don’t get as thick stemmed and full or recover quicker then with the HPS light. Just my thoughts anyways. Try another light if you want monster nugs :deciduous_tree:


Okay @bob31, thank you , I’ll do more investigation and report back.


Thanks @timmyv324


sounds good, looking forward to the update. @bizzyboy


Is that leaf discoloration on the second photo? Or just the lighting making it look that way? Photos in natural light makes it easier for us to spot problems for you.


I got two COB LED’s 600W each to spread out. $89 a piece. Chinese made, but what isn’t?

To answer the question, I’m testing the TDS of my Nutrients after PH balancing my solution to 6.5

My pleasure bizzyboy. There nothing like a sweet harvest. I try to keep my grow pretty basic and it works fir me. I’ve spent a lot of cash trying new things and some do and some don’t but that’s why asking here might save you in the long run. !! Good luck and try to have fun with it your first few times is mostly learning I’ve had to kill or ave killed lots of plants because of disease or nutrient problems. That makes you angry when u spend all the time and mold takes over and you have to get rid of plants cuz u can’t get rid of it. But when it happen You will learn how to fix it and that’s what gives you the confidence and knowledge.

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Ok @bizzyboy next time you water/feed collect the runoff and test the pH and TDS and let’s compare those numbers to what is going in.

Plant1 pH TDS in / pH TDS out

That will give us a better picture of what’s going on!

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Thank you@timmyv324. This has been a fun science project so far.

I’m inclouding some pictures from today. Perhaps you can help me identify the discoloration on her leaves, primarily the smaller girl on the left.

It really doesn’t look bad to me. The newer sprouts are usually a bit lighter at first. I’d check my soil ph and if that’s good maybe go a bit heavier on the nitrogen but honestly it doesn’t look like anything to cause alarm. Actually looks kinda normal

Well after looking a little closer to it I see what your saying looks like possible magnesium. Do you use a cal/mag in your mix.

Hey and welcome mate, your are getting all off the best advice you could possibly be getting, just an question from myself, how high are your LEDs the reason I ask is because they still look very short and compact but that could be the way you want them and also just to say if it is a Magnesium deficiency remember only a healthy garden has a Magnesium deficiency so is all still good :v:️.

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@Johnzy81 I have been keeping the lights pretty close, generally around 8-12 inches off the top of the plants, only because I thought the closer = more light and healthier plants. Should I raise the light and let them stretch more? I really have no idea what I am doing!