Looking for a website to sell my equipment

Hay fellas, after my first grow is coming to a close I want to change up a lot of things. As I always do I put a very little thought in buying the equipment for the first time. But this time I learned my lesson. Unfortunately now I’m stick with my old equipment and I wonder if there is a website where I could sell my grow tent my qb 320 XW and my 600HPS lamp.
Thank you

Ebay, craigslist


We don’t have anything like that here, try whatever you have local or something like online auction site.


Are you open to shipping?

I just happen to b looking for a tent and switching to qb

Yeah I’m looking for new equipment myself

Just a friendly reminder folks no sharing of personal info

Yes I am mate

I could sell you my stuff how about that ?

Lol okay we could come in contact for my 320w qb

So after being overwhelmed for a moment I put some thought into it @Ncgreenthumber @Okie70
So yes I want to sell my tent and my qb 320 w.
Both are pretty much new. Used them for 3 months now. First Grow
Tent: 1x1x2 in size and I bought Accessoires with it. You guys can tell me which you need.
Lamp: is qb 320 XW is also almost new

We can Determine a price together

No you cannot determine a price together because we do not do that on this forum please stop and MoveOn I would hate to ban someone for doing Something against the rules of the forum