Looking for a uv bar, would you go HLG or California light works?

The CLW bar is only $99, but is there a reason it’s cheaper than the HLG? They both look good, which would you chose?

Oh, and using fb15 will get you 15% off of any clw light, so their uvb light would be $85 seems like a pretty good deal, but I do see it’s a uvb-T5 fluorescent light, the HLG is led, at least I believe so.
@dbrn32 is the clw light a good uvb addition, or just pony up for the HLG?

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I would like to follow along on this one,I have wondered about using one myself


Agreed, ready to follow. Receiving it tomorrow hopefully. Unfortunately the UVA wasn’t included. Interested to see others thoughts.

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Hlg light won’t provide any uvb, if that’s what you’re looking for.

@dbrn32 I know I can’t post links, but this light. I see it’s actually uva.

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That’s correct.