Looking for a tent a lights


Hello new guy here in indoor grow lights , what im looking for is a 2+2 tent with 300 watt light for starting some trays around Feb to transfer to outgrow early spring , well that is the plan any 101 info you can put out there will be greatly appreciated. thanks

will be second year grow and no more clones…seeds.


There were some pretty basic 2x2x4 tents fairly cheap on amazon last I looked. Combine that with a 4-6 bulb 2’ fluorescent fixture and I’d say you be pretty good for seed starting and a few weeks of veg.



If you’re looking for a good value, this is what I have
Topogrow 32x32x63 tent with 300w led


Got it on ebay for under $250. The tent seems pretty decent and the zippers are shielded. The light is not the greatest quality but I’m using it currently with no issues.
By no means is this the top of the line but I’m very pleased with it for the price.