Looking for a scale to buy. Need recommendations


Hi everyone. Looking for a scale to buy. So many different choices and a lot of information. I think a .01 American scale would be what I’m looking for? Any advice, links or pictures would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



I use a kitchen food scale I got at Walmart for $10. Works good for me. Assuming a nickel is still five grams.


Still using my trusty Ohaus Triple Beam . I admit i’m old school.


Sure I have that brand, there fine


Looked up the scale lol. Those are the ones in high school everybody would steal look nice. I like those old weighted ones like the scales of justice


$10 on Amazon, works great! :thumbsup:


I remember those stupid pocket scales. Never trust them dealer kid would pull those out and I’d say oh lord :roll_eyes:


Ive only ever used ones like this. And they alway weigh up right on.


Thank you everyone for the help!


I definitely recommend the .01 scale! It depends on your preference on size or shape. They make some pretty cool stealth scales now a days! Ones that look identical to an iPhone or cassette tapes lol