Looking for a particular fan

I’d like an oscillating 8" or so fan that is on an adjustable pole that can clip to the top of my 7’ tent and hang down to blow across the canopy.

Is there such a fan?
I can’t find one.

Buy a clip on fan and a pole, clip to pole and hang the pole from the ceilings. Issue you are going to run into is that the fan is going to swing from the air unless you can somehow clip the pole to the tent frame as well.

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I’m sure if you got creative you could make one using a pedistle fan upside down piece of plywood fastened to base and tent frame?

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Maybe a metal bracket like they use in framing for joining? Metal screw through the bracket into the pole and another through the bracket into the frame?

This is about the closest to your description, and I use one of these in my 4ft x 4 ft square, 6 ft tall tent.

I use one of these in the opposite corner:

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Is there a reason for two different types or just what you happen to have?

one oscillates the other doesn’t

Yeah, one does oscillate and costs almost twice as much, I didn’t need to spend as much on the other that doesn’t, I was satisfied with my leaf and canopy movement without needing both to oscillate.


Ahhh I see now :smile: