Looking for a new Strain


@Covertgrower i lied, my tent is prob made by the same company but the two i had were 32x32x63, worked great with the WW but the GSCE grew like none other, i exceeded my limit with the girl scout cookie and the light.


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My next grow i plan to scorg, I have never done that before and the issue that concerns me the most is watering and run off. Think i will have to build some type shelf in the tent and place a sliding shelf or something under the pots for water run off.

used to i’d take the plants out and water them in my bath tub, Not sure what i am gonna create if i scorg.
if yall have any ideas or pictures i’d love to see them.


(that goes for anyone who has a remedy to this problem)


You can do individual scrogs on each plant. Makes it very easy to tend to your garden.


@Covertgrower Hey how do you like the fabric grow bags? I am thinking of switching to them for my next grow, also do you find them drying out quicker?


I’m growing some JH right now


This is what I use to collect runoff. I can stick my shop vac through the openings and suck up the water. Anything simple like this will work to collect runoff in a Scrog :v::bear:


Fabric bags are pretty much the standard for growing as of now. They drain well, air prune roots and dry out well.


Bangie haze or amnesia are vary easy to work with


@Swiss here’s a good guide on scrogging


I use pot trays under my plants and a shop vac to remove runnoff

Just make sure your pots fit



I wouldn’t grow in anything else. @Swiss I have no other experience in any other containers, but they do air prune the roots. They also keep the plant from getting root bound. (Unlike plastic) They’re reusable also. Just wash them after each grow.


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Hey Fellas, just wanted to ask yall what type of lamp yall use durning the flower stage? The last two grow i’ve used HPS 150 Watt like the link below. it worked well but the ballast got really hot at times and at the end looked like it was starting to corrode, does anyone have a light thats not hard to use , easy to hang and not to hot, want to put the next grow in the garage. Any advice would be appreciated.



I use one light, start to finish. A dimmable 320xl v2 qb set-up. Love this light.


I use a 260w 3500k Quantum Board Kit in one of my 3x3 tents, a DIY 3000k 90cri strip light fixtures in my other 3x3. I use a 100w strip light and like 60w strip light to veg under and I also have some knock off Quantum Boards to veg under as well. In short, I use what most would consider mid-high end LEDs. Did I get that all right @dbrn32? He’s the one who turned me on to all my lights. :v::bear:


All except for the mid-high end part lol. Every rig you have is running 2.5 umol per joule. There’s not an hid option on the planet that can do that. And very few lights of any technology.


How far back do you like to go?

I am currently running some strains that are supposedly from way back beyond the funk.

I don’t wanna gum up this thread, but you can reply on my thread - if you want. Would be interested in chatting about the old strains.


I use a (rapidled dot com) Rapid LED fixture, this is good from seed to harvest.
3000K 90CRI Cree CXB3590
12 COB’s in a 4x4 space.


Here’s the fixture I use I only run this in flower room tho I veg under led fixtures
You get the added benefit of UV light with CMH

These are the bulbs I use

@Hogmaster uses these bulbs with great results
With the same fixture


I would go with a ballast a vivoson it is cheap comes with every it’s only 180 bucks or more I have one and it has came through every time. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/slredirect/picassoRedirect.html/ref=pa_sp_phone_search_atf_aps_sr_pg1_1?ie=UTF8&adId=A02374662MF0LE8NJ1XB4&url=%2FVIVOSUN-Hydroponic-Digital-Dimmable-Reflector%2Fdp%2FB00P8PDDEM%3Fcrid%3DOJBYMLRPNX2U%26keywords%3Dgrow%2Blight%2Bballast%26qid%3D1547648176%26sprefix%3Dgrow%2Blight%2Bbal%26sr%3D8-1-spons%26ref%3Dmp_s_a_1_1_sspa%26psc%3D1&qualifier=1547648176&id=5849695817945800&widgetName=sp_phone_search_atf



3.8 out of 5 stars 162Reviews

VIVOSUN Hydroponic 1000 Watt HPS MH Grow Light Wing Reflector Kit - Easy to set up, High Stability & Compatibility (Enhanced Version)


You won’t regret it mines only. A 600 and runs smooth just like it came out the box and my yield get bigger every time