Looking for a new Strain


Hey Fellas, hope everyone is doing well, I am looking for a new strain to grow indoors. I have had success with Girl Scout Cookie Extreme and White Window. Looking to try something different. I like the high from White Widow more, the GSCE is great but it was a little much, i prefer something I can be high and social but not the awkward dude in the corner. Like i said i am growing indoor and with about 4’5" vertical growth so let me know what you think. Thanks and happy growing! @highcountrygal @blackthumbbetty @Countryboyjvd1971 @FloridaSon @Oldstoner

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Autos or photos?


@blackthumbbetty No Auto, thanks for clearing that up.


With the limited vertical growth you’ll need to train them you should look into a scrog set up to help maintain height
try one of the fruity strains
Lemon haze is a good one @Swiss


I currently have super lemon haze going.


Northern lights is nice and personal favorite


Try Jack herer or sensi star very nice and fun smoke orange bud is pretty cool too if you can find Dutch treat that is awesome before going to a concert.


Sativa or Indica?


@HJL I am really open to whatever. As long as it’s not a crazy grow where my plants look like Jack and the bean stalk


@Familyman I’ve never smoked Northern Lights but feel it’s been around forever, I might have to give it a try as well as Lemon Haze.


@Countryboyjvd1971 @Covertgrower I am liking this idea of a lemon haze, never had it before but it’s firing me up all i think about is rotisserie chicken and smoken lemon graze j’s in the backyard.


I’m a fan of the old school strains.


@Familyman @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 Hey fellas, I am thinking of Growing Northern Lights and Lemon Haze, i have not grown either before, I wanted to ask with yalls experience with each plant, can you tell me if it grows tall/thick/wide all the above, and competitive? My last batch i did WW with GSCE, and that GSCE was dominat, it took over my tent.


NL is definetly bushy especially if you fim it. Pretty easy to grow.


Here a pic of a lemon haze I have in veg now
She’s been topped once and super cropped

Your going to need to train them she was about 3-1/2 foot before I super cropped and now it standing around 2-1/2 foot

Again with your limited height a scrog grow would work out great


How big of a tent do you have @Swiss


Purple haze is one of my favorites. Gives a nice clear headed energy boost to get me motivated. I smoke this when I need a pick me up. Also it’s a great strain for working out.


@Swiss here’s mine from started December 18th. I circled it, but there’s a label too. :wink:
No training yet. I probably will do LST eventually see what she can do. Supercrop a couple of branches. Otherwise she’s natural in this picture.


@Covertgrower looks great. and I got that same tent!


27x27? @Swiss
I ordered this one specifically to fit the light I built. I know a lot of tents are a couple of inches less than what they advertise. So I got a 27”x27” instead of a 24x24.
These will be moved into a 4ftx4ft on Tuesday when get some parts in for the 4x4.