Looking for a mediumsized plant

Looking for a medium sized strain to grow inside that is heat tolerant.

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How heat tolerant are we talking?
Are you growing outdoor in a hot area or are you having airflow issues in your tent?
I did Northern Lights and Bluberry autos both seem very heat tolerant and cold tolerant too
I had temps sometimes over 120 to lows at 30 and they did just fine in my greenhouse
Produces great bud too![image|666x500]( averaged an oz per plant
One of the northern lights gave me 42 grams


I have one of these going now. It’s being grown in an outbuilding. I can get airflow but it gets hot in the summer. As you can see it is pretty primitive. That’s good then. It’s been cold in there this year. Looks pretty good but my pots to small and not the best soil. Cool, I already have a few of those seeds. I’m going to try those airports. Do you think 3 or five gallon? What soil do you use?

That’s really impressive. Tell me your method. Looks lime you typed it.

I seen your other post yea when you can transplant go with at least 3 gallon pots
The ones you are looking at are fine
I am using vivosun brand tan in color and feel they are best bang for buck and tan will keep cooler than the black pots I did a test and the surface of the black pots were 20 degrees hotter than the tan ones

I wasn’t going to transplant. I’m afraid to disturb it. It’s about 14 inches. 28 days old tomorrow.

And if heat is a real concern for you go with the 5 gallon pots the extra dirt helps keep the roots cool


They will transplant fine
They are gonna get root bound in them pots and you will start to see stunted growth and unhealthy foliage

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It get pretty hot. Not sure how hot. By the way, how does it smoke?

Okay then. Ill do it. It’s time then you would say?

Absolutely wonderful
True to strain atributes. Looks exceptional in the bag and smokes nice and smooth.
I did a pretty natural grow with not too much in the way of store bought nutrients
Especially the northern lights super crisp and citrus pine real nice!!

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Tell me how please.

The blueberry had some wonerful purple hues and smelled like fresh berries in the bag man

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How to transplant?

Well not so much how but when.

As soon as you get your cloth pots and some more soil if you do not already have it.

What you guys think @Countryboyjvd1971

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I tagged these guys in to chime in on transplanting

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It’s not hot yet and should be finished before it gets to hot. Think I might just get a five gallon bucket and do it today.


You can see how small this seedling is
Look at her roots though
This will give you an idea of how big you root system is and how crammed it is in that lil pot