Looking for a little bit of advice

On the lower front left plant, if you zoom in, you can see about half of the leaf is light green. Anyone know what is going on here?

Growing girl scout cookie extreme.
Using fox farm ocean soil.
I have not fed the plants anything but ph corrected water from the kitchen faucet.

Anything helps, thank you


Can you get a close up? Just one half of one leaf?

Is this what you are talking about. If so I’m not sure what may be happening. Someone here should be able to tell if this is a problem.

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I think this is what @Eagergrower is talking about

She’s got variegated genes somewhere…


And the little tip is bent a smidge from you checking it out… no big deal…

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@LoCoRock has you covered. I have a white widow
Doing the same thing on a few leaves


Interesting! No cause for concern ?

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I love this stuff! Learn something new everyday !


Nah, just keep an eye on it for any changes but variegation won’t affect anything :v:





  1. exhibiting different colors, especially as irregular patches or streaks.

“variegated yellow bricks”


(of a plant or foliage) having or consisting of leaves that are edged or patterned in a second color, especially white as well as green.

i have seen this a few times over the years on a few plants in early Veg… i have seen some where half sections of all of the blades on a leaf are almost yellow… i have never seen it cause any real issues to the plant and normally only see it on 1 leaf… i wouldnt worry much about it but its weird the first time you see it… all the plants i have had with this turned out just fine