Looking for a little advice

Just wondering if these plants are ready to be trimmed and dryer I don’t wanna do it tomorrow early or too late

That is one of them and this is the other

If anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated

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Really need to see a picture of the entire plant. You don’t necessarily need to trim anything off, you would want to base it on how thick the leaves are on the plant.

It has a while to go. It’s really hard to over ripen one. I’m guessing at least 3 weeks based on all the white pistils.

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I may have misunderstood the question, I thought they were asking about trimming back leaves :thinking:

I agree it’s not ready to chop. :+1:

Awesome thank you for the help I’m always worried there going to get stolen so I end up trimming too early because I had 6 taken from me one year

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Have you been spraying anything on your ladies. I noticed that there’s some powdery residue. Just wondering if it’s possibly WPM. I know at @kaptain3d has had some issues with it, what do you think Kap.

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That looks like WPM to me too. I hold it at bay by spraying EM1… :nerd_face:


I wasn’t sure, but I noticed that it didn’t look right. Hopefully it’s something else. :pray:

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