Looking for a light in the $350 price range

Two, and you would be over what is typically said to be ideal for 4x4.


Thanks for all your help.


My 350R and UVA-30 XL should be here tomorrow. The 2 x 4 Gorilla Tent I’m hoping by Friday so I can setup the new rig over the weekend. In preparation to flipping to flower I put the new HLG Dual 260 Rspec w/UVA-30 in the 3x3 tent and fired her up. The new MQ-610 and trusty Kill-A-Watt sure made setup and defining it’s operation a piece of cake.


Thats nice man

Can get lights just as good maybe a touch less BUT!!! HLG customer service is tops. Builds are solid. 54v over 48v. Top end drivers…they ditched meanwell it looks like. For a few more bux you get a cadillac over a geo.


The smaller lights are good lights for their indented use and flowering footprint. They come up a little short on filling the 4’ requirement. Keep checking the HLG site for the refurbished lamps. $400 for the 350r is a great choice.
Since you were considering two more lights I would pick the one mentioned by @Sorceress. Add two of new HLG 200 Diablos. My goodness. $398 list, discounted to $358. The two will fill out the 2x4 in good order.
It may be worth contacting HLG about a refurbished 350r. Just to find out their availability and likelihood of one coming up soon.


I have two of the HLG 100 V2’s 4000k. I use them for seedlings and early veg. The 4000K spectrum is great for keeping early node development very tight and your plant full and squatty looking. They help with keeping seedling from over stretching and getting tall, lanky, wispy and falling over. They also help with root development. HLG recommends them for veg only. They are a 95 watt light with no dimmer control. Just raise or lower them for the power level you need. You will see these V2’s go on sale from time to time for heap cheap. People don’t want to invest in a seedling early veg only light now days like we did in the olden days, LMAO! I have the lights held together with 3M VHB tape. The plan was to have two tents. But the last 5 years of working left no time for two tents. So I’ve been using them together. They are now getting split and they will be stored in the tent they will be used in. Last time they will ever be stored hanging on the wall with a towel draped over them.

When the v2’s were new before being held together with 3M VHB. And the original 260 waiting in storage on the wall for flower time. And later joined together. Pics dating back to 2019. Gorilla 3x3 tent.


I just got bestva4000 pro, for my new room, 1st time indoor Grow,im in week 7 of Flower, attempting sea of green method.they were $380.00 each


Looking great. Dude my bestva 2000k elite cob reflector has been amazing. Think it was 400 true watts. I got it for $60 bc they were discontinuing. Everybody hates on blurples but this thing has been a workhorse.

Im getting a used - like new se3000 spider farmer for $300, and then im.getting a new hlg 350r for the next grow.

I was going to wait for the hlg but it hadnt occurred to me i had already bought $350 in amazon gift cards bc i dont like a money trail, so buying the refurbed one as everyone mentioned was not possible. Dunce moment for me.

Spiderfarmer was going to come down to $332 for a new one, but i figured why not buy the used one. Amazon has a 30 day return policy, so it cant have been used longer than that, and i can always return it if something is off about it. That $32 saving can go towards a new gaming monitor haha this new light opens up more possibilities for me, so its not something i could wait too long on.

Thanks! I was going to use spider farm 4000 , but the bestva pros had a little bit more grow coverage that fit my area a little more snuggly. Happy Growing!


Thanks you too man! Let me know how those lights work out for you

@Blastfact What caliber(s) are you reloading?

I have a Lyman T-mag, 2 Lyman powder measures ( one for pistol powders, one for rifle powders), a Redding Big Boss single stage press, plus all of the usual hoards of components, powders, die, etc.

Bestva lights always did me well.

refurbished 350r on the site as we speak if you hurry

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I load .380, 9mm, .38/.357, .357 sig, 10mm, .45 acp, 7.62 x 25, 7.62 x 39, .22 hornet, .223/5.56, 30-06 and .50 bmg. for the most part. A lot goes on in my little office.

Right on, I hear you! I started off long ago loading pistol calibers for the range mainly and after a while I ventured into self-defense rounds ( I occasionally borrow a friend chronograph). Mainly with 9mm and .45ACP, I’ve accumulated plenty of .38S&W/.357;over the years…

About the only rifle caliber I’ve consistently loaded for myself is .270 Win. There’s just soooo much you can squeeze out of that round ( on the search for large rifle primers now).
Never got into 5.56 much, I stocked up back when the bulk boxes, SAW packs, and the 420 round cans were cheap as dirt.

But yeah…fall weather for me is my reloading “season” here in the South. Need to hit the range now, but emits been a nasty, wet year down here. I’ve spent more time putting new glass on my .270 and other people’s rifles and let it creep into my personal time.

The little fridge mainly has “overflow” inventory in it, which is basically stuff bought on sale. It just hasn’t been loaded yet.

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