Looking for a hydro setup for 4x4 tent

I haven’t set my 4x4 tent up yet for autos. Was going to do soil originally but nah I’m going hydro. Just not sure what to get yet. There’s so many kits out there it’s overwhelming lol.

Here’s where I’m at gear wise for this project.

Tent: cheap 4x4 off ebay.
Exhaust fan. Ac infinity t6
Lighting: Scorpion Diablo
Nutes: jacks 321, recharge ,and fish shit.
Miscellaneous fans from wally world for circulation.

I’m open to any and all suggestions. The pic below is one that caught my eye but I know nothing about it :joy:
download (8)


Just use jacks 321 with jacks bloom . Recharge is not for hydro. I would also use separate buckets to grow in . Not all plants finish at the same time.

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More info on the set up pictured pls

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@The_Chef This is what I have been growing in now for a couple years and it is simple and easy to maintain and reuse. A 12 gallon tote with 2 each 4inch airstones and a small circulating pump for top water feed and circulation within the 12 gallon tote. I put 4 gallons of nutrient in the tote/reservoir and add nutrient in between complete changeouts at 10 or 7 days depending on age of plant. I grow photos and these are Granddaddy Bruce and one is a runt for sure but still growing. Cleanup/reuse is easy after a grow. I can leave unattended for 10 days in the beginning down to around 3 at the end of flower. A cheap and easy way to grow hydro…


Hey @The_Chef. Your post inspired me to take a look at what is available. Been doing the DWC for a few years and looking to automate the daily watering a bit.
Here’s one that caught my :eye:


Already have the buckets for Aqua Spa so I could just add the head unit I suppose.
Multi Flow Hydroponics System Gravity Ebb and Flow Bucket Controller Brain Unit … https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01CROGJRY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_JJ1NKBT81MEDKKP79X0X?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

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I don’t have anything set up yet it’s all in boxes still lol. Only thing I have going atm is my 4x8 soil grow which I plan to transfer to hydro once finished.


That’s the direction I’m looking for. @peachfuzz is supposed to give me a breakdown on his set-up on his thread. Looks extremely similar to yours.


@The_Chef ok just let me know if you want more info … :cowboy_hat_face:

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Absolutely my friend. I really appreciate the help. Is yours diy? What’s all involved in how you set yours up? I’m so new to this and a lot of these systems look the same😂

@The_Chef yes this is DIY based on what I saw someone else do…you will need the following

12 gal tote
air pump with 2 outlets
2 large 4 inch air stones
small submersible water pump
vinyl tube 3/16ID for air stones and water pump
3 inch hole saw
1/4 inch drill bit
3 inch net pot
3 inch black clone collar for pot
2 inch rockwool cubes
battery stick suction pump to pump in and pump out nutrients
everything off of Amazon if interested
this system is easy to clean up after harvest…you throw away the net pots, collar, tubing and the air stones. the water pump can be reused if you clean it or buy a new one…these items all very inexpensive…wash the tote out and you are done

let me know if you want more info on this setup…in this setup each plant lives in its own reservoir

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Do you just drop the pump with a short piece of tubing in the bottom of the reservoir? If so do you have any problems with roots growing into the pump?
Do you use the other hole with the suction pump to empty and fill reservoir? Looks like a good idea if so. That is why I have never tried one of those bubble buckets, looks like it would be a pain to empty or fill.

@Ickey I make a filter from UV window screen material and form it around the submersible pump using a regular paper stapler to close it. This stops99% of roots from getting to the pump making it much easier to clean it and it functions correctly without roots clogging it. The output of the pump is my topwater feed and this is feed up to the basket. This is way I can go right from sprouting dome to hydro once first set of leaves appear. I keep the top water feed going until flower time or when the plant fills the basket and inhibits the water from entering it and flowing down. By this time the roots have more than enough mass in the bottom of the tote/reservoir and I take the tube out of the basket and point it at the root mass coming down.
Yes, the other hole allows my left hand to be able to reach inside if I cannot lift the lid for some reason and it is my access point to add nutrients and remove nutrients with the battery stick pump and I use a Turkey baster to reach inside and suck out a amount of nutrient each day and test for PH, PPM and temperature.
Having the battery operated pump makes it easy to fill and drain the tote/reservoir and the roots have more space to grow in the 12 gallon tote/reservoir than in a 5 gallon bucket…happy roots = happy plant

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I like it! What do you feed them?

@Ickey i use General Hydroponics products with hydroguard…below is my current feeding chart for photos mixed in 4 gallon increments

nutrient schedule

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I would highly recommend building an rdwc hydro system.

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This is what I went with for my first time with hydro. 8 gallons buckets with 5th bucket outside the tent. 5x5 tent. good luck


Looks like a nice clean setup bro.

Thanks Chef, really excited for my first run at it. Here is a photo at day 41 from seedling. Lot to learn with Hydro but it is getting easier as I correct my induced issues.


This is woodsrat…can anyone tell me what the water temp should be in my hydro buckets

my typically stay around 72-75 deg F