Looking for a hydro grower to grow againest


Keep us all posted on how it works out for ya.


I will start a journal when it gets started so we can all see how it goes. :slightly_smiling_face::v::green_heart:


That’s perfect. I look forward to it.



I would like to join…


Now that is the spirit!

Get R Done!


That’s awesome @Poseidon

But if you read some of the above post, it won’t be for a little while like two or maybe three because we all pretty have grow to finish up first.
But ya, when we are about ready to get started, i’ll tag you Ok and I placed your name on the list


I like what ur doing here… if I was a better grower I’d grow on ur side @garrigan65


Would coco/perlite mix count for hydro grower? Cuz NASA just called to complain about my new lights


LOL @basementstealth To funny


Just thought I’d share a picture of the four Gorilla Glue that I started. Hope you don’t mind @garrigan65 I’m not here trying to hijack your thread, just thought you might be interested. Three went into the hydro and one went into some Smart Naturals Happy Frog. Today makes day 10 since putting them into either system. I’m growing the soil one to give to a friend. Once it’s ready for transplant into a bigger pot she’s gone.


You are fine, Everyone is welcome to post in my threads if they have a question or two. or to say what’s on there mind. or just to share as you did


I like your set up, Good luck with the Glue


Here’s an update on my GG girls. Today makes two weeks since I put them into either soil or hydro. The girls in Hydro are just about twice the size as the soil plant. I’m sure in the end they will all be close to the same size.


Hydro plants are going to blow the doors off of the soil plant… :grin: @ntmaremach
@garrigan65 im in escrow as of right now… still have my fingers crossed because I need a well inspection and septic inspection and all sorts of nonsense… I’ve lived here for 12 years and now im buying the place… go figure… just let me buy the danm place for gods sake… i live in the middle of nowhere , so its hard to find anybody for anything… stupid jerk water usa here…
As soon as i get everything in writing ill be lookin for you… :grin:



Well I wish you the best with the new place, But that’s as far as I go. All I can say is BRING IT ON my friend Bring it on … lmao And i’ll show ya how it’s done … lol


I love you more then you know… your a legit cool dude… :grin:
I feel like we are related… :grin:


I’m with you @basementstealth I’m pulling for @garrigan65 also. Don’t get me wrong I respect hydro growers to the fullest. But I believe soil will win in the end!! :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand::+1:


Thank you @peachfuzz that was nice of you to say and I feel the same with many of the members here.

And you know i’m just a kid’in around


Well here’s an update on my hydro/soil grow. Pictures just taken on day 17 since putting into each pot. They all look healthy but the hydro kicks butt.