Looking for a hydro grower to grow againest


You know I watched it over and over again and I ment to change because your wright on that cause that’s what I came up with after hearing it so many time. But I must admit that, that’s what I always thought he said… lmao


Well the way I was thinking was each of us have there own way of growing, like your hyro and i’m soil. What ever each of us do to achieve our goal is what we do. I guess that’s what i’m saying, Variables who has less for a better grow or how us use them to our advantage
for a better grow and or yield. It can be measured in many ways I guess and it’s who utilizies in the best way. Did I make any cents in what I said.
It’s kinda hard in a way to expline but I think you can understand.


And you are wright to think that. 1

But I believe that soil can provide a much better plant and yield than hydr and I aim to prove that and the very best go’s to the one who out performs the other. Beside it gives us something to do … right ?


Sounds like fun my friend. I have no doubt that you are a better grower, it’s just a shame your wasting all that knowledge on soil. I don’t feel I can outgrow you, I just REALLY believe hydro can outgrow dirt. Let’s find out.


I’ve not yet begun to defile myself


Makes sense to me bro - I guess other than the strains themselves and the growing medium, the one thing I’d like to see is we use the same size space… for me that’s either a 2x2 tent or a 4x4 tent.


Damn right your scared,I can see it in your eyes.
Go ahead and skin that smoke wagon and see what happens.


It’s not that I’m a better grower and hydro very well may be better. But I do now one thing for sure and that is there is far less work into using soil than hydro . and with all that less work I can work and research for better ways to improve my soil.


I do hope you know this is all in fun, and I have the utmost respect for you. @garrigan65


Here’s my current grow of two Banana Kush at day 29 of flower. I should be getting at least a pound from each when all said and done. I’ve had some huge soil plants also and I really don’t grow in soil so I believe it can be a contest for sure.




Absolutely, It’s just fun’n around with friends. But when it come to the grow. I’m all grow and a little trash talk an here and there … lmao


The lighting more important than the nutes. You’ll need to find someone with similar lights as you have





Ya, your most likely correct. But that may be imposable to do, seeing how we all have our own way of growing, and different equipment an all. But i’m sure a lot of us will be very close to having the same


As Achilles once said … Is there no one else , Is there no one else


Isn’t that “Are you not entertained?”


no, that is what he says… here watch …


I’m currently giving hydro a try after learning how to grow in soil. I have cheese autoflower seeds that I plan to do a comparison with on my own. One in hydro (dwc bucket) and one in soil.